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Comprehensive Sexuality Education – A demonic agenda targeting children

Horrible “sex ed” agenda aimed at children. This is pretty bad.   Get children out of the room before watching.  Really. I won’t post the video on this blog, but GO HERE. See what the United Nations and Planned Parenthood, etc. … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! East Coast BISHOPS, PRIESTS: Pray the Litany against Hurricane #DORIAN

Please retweet and share around. Hurricane Dorian is out there.   My mother lives along the eastern coast of Florida. Hence, I’m paying attention to the track.  It’s hard to say where it’ll go, but it isn’t going to be fun … Read More

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2 Sept 1859: The Carrington Event

On this date, 2 September 1859 your planet was struck by a massive solar storm which caused the Carrington Event. Read about it.  A powerful solar wind struck the Earth.  The “Northern Lights” were visible in the Caribbean.  You could … Read More

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