More shots of the Pontifical Mass with Cardinal Burke

On 8 December, His Eminence Raymond Leo Card. Burke offered a Pontifical Mass at the Throne at tiny St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff, WI.  We were squeezed in to capacity both in the sanctuary and the church itself.  It was a fine event.  I’ve had a couple of photoposts, but since I am now back from my NYC trip, I can post a few more.

During Terce

The chapter.

Some, just because I want to show off the great vestments.

We call this the “Morlino Set”, because one of you readers gave a sizable donation to the TMSM so that we could have them made.  She wanted them in honor of the late Bp. Morlino.


Because of the lack of space, we wound up on the steps.  Which works.

Thanks giving after Mass.

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  1. adriennep says:

    Now more than ever—support your local Latin Mass. Or start an Una Voce group to get one. In Southern Oregon it took us several years to get a weekly Latin Mass, but now we have one. It is rallying the faithful community at a time of great need. Also get to know and support the Marian Catechist Apostolate which Cardinal Burke coordinates on behalf of the late Fr. John Hardon. No excuse not to know and pass on the faith when we have such noble witnesses. Fr. Hardon was asked by John Paul II to write his catechism book and to teach Mother Teresa’s nuns. Now that’s a good Catechist!

  2. GM Thobe says:

    The solemnity per square foot is excellent. What a blessing to all involved

  3. Glennonite says:

    Thank you for these beautiful Mass photos. They sustain me as I envision them while at my parish Masses. Like a starving man at a street cotton-candy cart who longs for the white tablecloth restaurant forever out of reach. :/

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