Antifa takes over a chunk of Seattle, thus insuring lasting contempt for everything they stand for

In Seattle, demon-fueled ideologues have taken over a few blocks for themselves and have called it “The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone”.

I went to the park that Occupy had taken over in New York City. The smell was memorable.

PJ Media has a good bead on this Seattle circus.

Antifa Seizes Seattle PD, Sets Up ‘Autonomous Zone’ Just Like ISIS and the Paris Commune

Do you know what the Paris Commune was?

It was a short lived socialist coup in 1871 which eventually ended up in “The Bloody Week” when the army put the insurrection down, like the rabid dog that it was. The moment inspired Karl Marx. It was truly an annus horriblis.

Here’s another quote:

“Folks in Seattle have secured six block of city [at the moment], barricaded it, and gotten local businesses and residents to agree to, well, disaffiliate from Seattle basically. It’s a flux state in the making,” Alex Humva tweeted.”

Yeah, I’ll bet they got local businesses to agree.  “Nice store you’ve got here.  Pity if it burned to the ground.”

This little group of nutjobs in Seattle isn’t going to do their cause any favors.

The zone includes the “Captured Regime East Precinct (Abandoned Police Station with doors left unlocked lol),” along with areas marked “Commune Food Stations,” “CHFZ Commune Barricades,” “Relaxation & Dining Field (food regularly handed out + coffee bar),” and a “Stoa (Informal Congregational Area).”

Doesn’t it sound like paradise?    I wonder if there will lots of weed and free love passed out too… if everyone isn’t too passed out in their own feces to enjoy it.

And what would Anti-Seattle-ifa be without a coffee bar?

The leftists are getting in Seattle exactly what they deserved.  I wonder if they are enjoying themselves now.

I am reminded of a series of dystopian books.  The action takes place in Washington State, and in Seattle.

299 Days: The Preparation by Glen Tate


Not great literature, but thought-through regarding a collapse of society and the sort of people who take advantage of the problems.

These domestic terrorists will leave behind a toxic waste zone as bad as the ideas they embrace.

Let’s pray that it not end in quite the same way as The Commune did.

Perhaps the Archbishop of Seattle could have public readings of his new pastoral letter on liturgy to bring everyone together in common vision of sharing and equality.

Where ever left-wing politics and ideologies reign, this is what happens, both in society and in the Church.  Disease and social dis-ease overlap, for reasons that are increasingly manifest.

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  1. Lepanto ! says:

    To see it is to yet remain in disbelief. They have declared the area, “Autonomous to the US”. Some of them are armed with AR rifles of various flavors displayed via open carry, legal in WA State. Surreal site to behold.
    The neighborhood is the Castro of Seattle, aka *the* center of sodomy in WA State.
    The “Zone” is less than 1 mile from the Archbishop’s Mansion, though the current “humble like Francis” Etienne lives elsewhere, and just over 1 mile to the Cathedral and Chancery Offices.
    Today’s mail brought the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal Letter and donation envelope. The optics of it all. Words fail….

  2. Midwest St. Michael says:

    “And what would Anti-Seattle-ifa be without a coffee bar?”

    Yes, well I did read earlier that Starbucks was closing 400 of their coffee shops. :^/

    Darn the luck for the Anti-Seattle-ifas,.. I guess. Guess they’ll have to make their own. Wonder if they know how?

  3. rhig090v says:

    If they’re autonomous, why do we (USA) provide electricity, water, and sewage?

  4. Elizabeth D says:

    I’ve had a handful of conversations with businesses here in Madison that increasingly have murals (generally leftist) painted on the plywood that they are ALL boarded up with. They aren’t necessarily the ones commissioning the murals themselves and my impression is they have little notion of what the imagery and slogans mean, or what the organizations endorsed by the murals stand for. A predominant motif is the leftist “resistance” fist. University Bookstore has text painted over one of their doorways endorsing the group Urban Triage, which together with “Freedom Inc” and the Party of Socialism and Liberation have this to say about what they are demanding:

    One issue is that a lot of more moderate liberals have been actively misled. They have heard from CNN that defund the police means what happened in Camden, a successful remaking/reform of a police department with good effects on a community. In fact what is meant by many of these groups is they are demanding no punishment for criminal activity. It’s easy for people to think that these groups that are suddenly so prominent and see to have lots of support aren’t as unreasonable as they in fact are. People just can’t imagine that these supposed pro-black groups have a platform that is the most destructive of all to poor black neighborhoods. I just read that Chicago had the most homicides in a day in the last 60 years and apparently murder rates are spiking all over the country (based on the victim photos, it’s black people dying).

    There were just recently 2 different shooting incidents in a poor black neighborhood in Madison where I used to tutor at the home of a nice African immigrant family. Last week there had been a disturbing story about how the folks hanging out at the gas station right there decided to go out to a Target store east of town and smash the windows with bats and loot whatever they wanted. NO ONE in Madison is more harmed by this chaos than communities like the Darbo/Starkweather Creek neighborhood. That’s what I tried to explain to the ladies in the office at University Bookstore. They initially tried to dispute with me but realizing I was talking of a lot of harm to poor black Madison neighbors they began almost seeming like they were listening. “I don’t support Urban Triage!” I told them.

    Who will explain that virtue and mercy are the way to the better world we all want? Not Urban Triage, Freedom Inc, and Party of Socialism and Liberation. They’ve defended the smashing and looting in their press conferences etc.

    Some businesses have already packed up and left. 7-ll was one of many looted and immediately they have already moved out. Many remaining businesses are not only plastered with leftist graphics but they feel like they should be good sports about having been smashed and looted in the name of the “cause”–since black lives matter more than property. For instance at walgreens (who may in a certain sense be happy since 7-11 had been right across the street and no longer there to compete!) they shrugged and said most all the looters took was cigarettes, and not expensive cigarettes (and not Nicorette) but cheap ones (the ones they’re used to). He seemed surprised and unusure what to say when I pointed out that the damage done to the criminal actors themselves by their misconduct and training in vice is a lot worse and longer lasting harm than the property damage. No one who cares about black advancement should support the destructive and criminal tactics. These socialist black liberation groups are a scam that hurts blacks.

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    Here’s the latest communique from Seattle:

    Earthlings! The Proletariat have cast off their chains and a New Day has dawned! Glorious People’s Autonomous Zone and Safe Space #1 will triumph over the Imperialist Running Dogs! Smash the Four Olds! Down with the Nazarene! Up with the Church of Ontological Anarchy!

    We demand sanitation crews, electricity and water. And juice boxes. And brownie mix for cannabis treats. And needles.

    Signed, The Council of Elders

    1. Vicious Unskilled, Permanent Commissar for Fun Times

    2. More Doritos, Sub-commander of the Cloud Cavalry

    3. Tarantula Jane, Hammer of the Patriarchy

    4. Bald Skull, Chief of the Murder Hornet Horde

  6. BCinAZ says:

    You’re not wrong… but I’m still not rooting for Javert.

  7. Kerry says:

    Hmm…if someone tries to stick ’em up, will they call the Police?
    Just asking.

  8. albinus1 says:

    Maybe they could call it the Greater Pacific Northwest Co-Prosperity Sphere.

  9. Ave Maria says:

    So will the mayor and governor just turn a blind eye? First of all, shut off all utilities. No can go in? Who would want to? Eventually they will have to surrender or be flushed out. Cannot allow this domestic insurrection to go on. Same for what is happening in Minneapolis. Don’t want police? Well, they will begin to ‘eat their own’.

  10. Nighthawk says:

    I hope it doesn’t come to this, but if the Government of Seattle is unable to end this utilizing the tools at it’s disposal (cutting off utilities is certainly a start), the President should be able to invoke the insurrection act without legitimate legal resistance to try and protect the civilians caught in the middle of this as best as possible.

  11. tho says:

    These idiots want to destroy what they could never build. Their next move would be to erect a guillotine and then hire a Marat.
    Charlotte Corday we need you.

  12. samwise says:

    If only the madness stayed on the westcoast–from my homefront:
    Thanks be to God MN hasn’t legalized cannabis

  13. CasaSanBruno says:

    After a day they tweeted that they needed more vegan food. Apparently, mommies didn’t pack enough sandwiches for their basement dwelling prodigies.

  14. GregB says:

    From what I read over at PJ Media the homeless are supposed to have taken away all their food at the CHAZ. The autonomous zone doesn’t appear to be very autonomous.

  15. CasaSanBruno says:

    And now they’re trying to set up barricades. It’s interesting how they have suddenly warmed up to the notion of walls…..

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  17. Semper Gumby says:

    CasaSanBruno and GregB: If something has gone missing in the walled Autonomous Zone, it sounds like a job for Snake Plissken.

    Bob Hauk:
    Remember, once you’re inside you’re on your own.

    Snake Plissken:
    Oh, you mean I can’t count on you?

    Bob Hauk:

    Snake Plissken:

  18. aam says:

    Trump should do what the last anti-communist Democrat President did … “The 1967 Detroit Riot, also known as the 12th Street Riot, was the bloodiest incident in the ‘Long, hot summer of 1967’. Composed mainly of confrontations between black residents and the Detroit Police Department, it began in the early morning hours of Sunday July 23, 1967, in Detroit, Michigan. President Lyndon B. Johnson sent in the United States Army’s 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions.”

  19. RosaryRose says:

    Is this real?
    Someone build them a beautiful raft, then push them out to sea.

    Have hope! Mary will triumph in the end as she said. We have to pray the rosary daily, wear the brown scapular, make a five first Saturdays (perhaps the promise of it when this is all over will work for now).

    Praying is NOT burying my head in the sandbox and just hoping this all goes away. Praying is asking God through Mary to intercede for us, protect, send the Holy Spirit to change hearts, minds and save souls. We will die one day, may we all get to Heaven. Everyone.

    Mary said it, St Teresa of Avila said it, – put your focus on God. Let the storms rage around you. You focus and pray.

    The rosary worked at LaPanto. It still works in 2020.

    “2020” = perfect vision. Lol. God is so awesome. His timing is perfect.

  20. xavier says:

    Well according to the last tweets, the zone now has a warlord.

    My own view, the governor and mayor will do nothing so they can provoke Trump to send in the soldiers and shriek Reichstag fire! Dictator! Coup d’état and other ejaculatory litanies.
    In any case I see similarities to the 1934 Austrias revolt in Spain. I won’t be surprised if we see elements of the Cristero war either


  21. Antonin says:

    I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.1 Unsuccesful rebellions indeed generally establish the incroachments on the rights of the people which have produced them. An observation of this truth should render honest republican governors so mild in their punishment of rebellions, as not to discourage them too much. It is a medecine necessary for the sound health of government.” – Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, Paris, January 30, 1787

  22. jflare29 says:

    Cut off utilities and/or send in the Army.
    Mmmm. I find I’m almost as alarmed by that as by the occupation itself. We’re not at war with each other. Yet. I keep thinking of Vicksburg, MS, and Gotham. I loathe the idea of negotiating with tyrants and mobs. Especially these days, they’re liable to demand conditions that…will not aid anyone. Even so, if we resort to force, lots of innocents very likely will die. They’ve only seized just seized the area.
    I’d much rather see Special Ops troops establish supply points, conduct something like Operation Vittles–better known as the Berlin Airlift. If we can supply the citizenry with what they need, yet isolate the hooligan leadership, it’ll be much more likely to be a worthwhile outcome. Or, if they could create escape routes, help the civilian populace escape, THEN assault the area, it’d be much better.
    Then too, if they could supply some of the civilians (who remain) with firearms and at least basic training in using them, …we might uproot this little “uprising” from the inside.

  23. Kathleen10 says:

    This is all going to set race relations back 100 years. People watch, and they think their own private thoughts that thus far, nobody can see or control. You can see a hardness in people’s faces, this has undone a great deal of good.
    America is not a racist nation. It is the land where you can come here and work hard and make it. We have tons of black college professors, heads of corporations, millionaire businessmen, Supreme Court justices, Secretaries of State, Attorney Generals, President, twice. Sen. Joe McCarthy was publicly mocked in the 1950’s. He said Communism had made it’s way into America, and people laughed at him. We should exhume him in order to apologize. He was right.
    Our college campuses are filled with people who have no business being there in the first place, too dumb to do college level work, but they are not asked to do college level work. My young relatives take courses at our state university which are drenched in Leftist ideology, some material so vulgar and so awful I can’t repeat it. They are forced to say they do not believe in God, and write papers that support that, and many courses are a joke. They are forced to hear every perverted sexual behavior in “Women’s Studies” (required) and confronted with material that would have made sailors blush in previous eras, really disordered stuff. So colleges are turning out radicals and dummies and Communists, who then fall prey to the major cultural desire to not be the racist they are assumed to be, and to appease the people of color, who have been elevated to the status of gods. It won’t work of course, but they don’t know that, and being found acceptable to black people is very important to white people in the US. In point of fact African-American culture is THE current American culture. Take a look. They aren’t thought less of, they’re thought MORE of. Look at our TV commercials, music industry, sports, etc. You haven’t made it until a black person speaks well of you.
    So there goes Junior and Buffy, off to the protest. Money well spent on that education. And now we have professors giving them tips on Twitter as to how to bring down statues. Of Lincoln!
    President Trump may be the only one capable of taking this on, with our prayers and support. The GOP thus far seems paralyzed. And this has nothing to do with police or improving black lives.
    None of it, it’s all a ruse. Camden, NJ had their police totally re-done by Chris Christie, and liberals aren’t interested. They have been a huge success in the community. Yawn.
    There are going to be some horror stories coming out of Seattle, and I’m afraid it won’t be against the people for whom we might consider it justice. It will be the small, the weak, the frail, caught in a cauldron. Do we wait for people to suffer and ask for help, or do we decide to bring it to these domestic terrorists and end this. Rather than be subject to these maniacs forever, it seems warranted to confront this head on. This is war, and we had better be courageous enough to do whatever we can to win. And we’re on our own as far as the church, which is on the other side.

  24. Semper Gumby says:

    The Seattle PD is making an effort to reoccupy their abandoned precinct inside the “Autonomous Zone.” Could be coincidental, but there is some similarity to reoccupying the precinct inside that Zone and the counterinsurgency “inkblot” tactic, or FOB (Forward Operating Base).

    Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Milley, apologized for accompanying the Commander-in-Chief to the Church of the Presidents last week. Gen. Milley: “My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics.” And: “…we must hold dear the principle of an apolitical military…”

    Gen. Milley is to be reminded of the importance of the Church of the Presidents, and the use of the military at, for example, Little Rock by Pres. Eisenhower.

    Gen. Milley also stated:

    “The freedoms guaranteed to us in the Constitution allow people to demand change, just as the peaceful protesters are doing all across the country…”

    Surely General Milley is also aware of the violent protestors (including militant groups and a terrorist group), the loss of life and destruction of property. And, now, an “Autonomous Zone” inside a U.S. city.

  25. iamlucky13 says:

    How welcoming do you suppose this “autonomous” zone will be of individual autonomy to anyone who has business within the zone and dissents from their views?

    Were it not for the likelihood of harm to the innocent, I’d say let it run its course.

    I’m tempted to donate some food to help ensure it is not resource constrained while it progresses through its stages. However, my conscience forbids me from supplying the necessary heroin. Actually these days I hear meth is regaining lost popularity, now killing people in Washington at 4 times the rate it did a decade ago, and perhaps on pace to overtake heroin in another year or two.

    jflare – I agree. In this situation, I don’t think a force is going to do anyone any good.

  26. Semper Gumby says:

    iamlucky13: Good point about drug trafficking. Pres. Bush and Pres. Obama both deployed troops (National Guard and active-duty personnel) inside the U.S. near the Mexican border. A matter of national security.

    Additionally, SecDef Mattis and Gen. Milley have attended Army-Navy games with Pres. Trump. No complaints from either gentleman afterwards about “bizarre photo-op” or “politicizing the military.” The Army-Navy game, like the Church of the Presidents, is tradition.

    These two gentlemen are to be reminded of their officer’s oath, which includes: “enemies foreign and domestic” and “so help me God.”

  27. JesusFreak84 says:

    Make Shadowrun Fiction Again

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