Liturgical Legos! Do NOT miss this one!

This was passed along to me and I have to share it with wider readership.

Enjoy!  Liturgical Legos!

Not content simply to build churches – how prosaic! – or even the sanctuaries of churches  – commonplace – these kids are doing whole liturgical rites.

The Traditional Latin Mass.   Of course.  Far more interesting than the Novus Ordo, and far more photogenic.

For example, shots from Easter.

[Some photos didn’t post.  So don’t complain at me… JUST GO THERE AND LOOK!   o{]:¬)   ]

Vidi aquam.

You get the drift.   Truly fantastic.  And accurate.

On another page, they put a zillion priests on warning…. they have the vesting prayer, including washing hands before starting!

Putting on the stole.

These kids are terrific.   Ultra Fr. Z kudos!


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  1. abdiesus says:

    NOTE: I cannot see any of the pictures in either Chrome or IE 11 – I get the broken link icon instead

    can anyone else see the pictures, and if so what browser are you using?

  2. Jack in NH says:

    No pics here, either- iPad safari

  3. JSzczuka says:

    Nor I, PC desk, Chrome.

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    Me either. Chrome or Internet Explorer.

  5. abdiesus says:

    I did click through to their website, and boy am I glad I did! This is fantastic!

    I actually got a bit weepy looking at the pictures of Pentecost!

    I think I know some “Lego” people to whom I need to send this link! Who knows – they might even start getting interested in the TLM??

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  7. kww says:

    I’m relieved! When I read the title, I thought maybe it was a report of some parish that had incorporated the use of Legos in its Novus Ordo Mass.

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