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A while back I discovered how Twitter imposed with algorithms what my “interests” are on my account. An astonishing list of things I’ve never even heard of, much less had interest in. I understand that Twitter uses these checked boxes and “interests” to shadow ban certain users. I now daily uncheck all the boxes using a script.

The latest imposition of a warning on a tweet from Pres. Trump reveals the malicious mendacity of the Left.

I have an account on Parler


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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    Related to that Fox News online is on my suspect list. While the Fox news programs enjoy huge ratings and are not obviously hampered, the online Fox News acts to support the Left. They do what any other outlet does, present the perpetrators as victims and fail to cover things as they should, truthfully. Stories that are headlines often don’t allow comments anymore. The ratio of comments have inverted, where it was once maybe 20% liberal crazies comments, now it’s much higher, but is it censorship. I have commented on Fox News for a long, long time, and suddenly I find I am shadow banned. My comments simply do not get seen except occasionally. This is not a technical glitch of any kind.
    One of the most shocking things about this Commie revolution is finding out how few friends we actually have and how complicit organizations are in the revolution. This includes Robert Barron’s appalling comment about Vatican II teaching that the laity have the responsibility for defending our religious statues. (!) Despite all the yammering about immigrants and immigration and climate change, apparently Barron feels that when it comes to this revolution (a political movement), the BLM, and the destruction of statues, which is an attack on God, Christianity, the Church, the faith, the flock, the Church cannot get involved. Oh my goodness, if that weren’t so tragic, it would be hilarious. NOW the church says it can’t get “political”. Har har!

  2. swvirginia says:

    Father, you might also consider an account on Gab. There is a Catholic group there.

  3. JesusFreak84 says:

    ….any chance you can share that script? >.>

  4. iPadre says:

    Just joined Parlor.

    What script do you use clear “interests?” It would take all day to clear manually.

  5. Tristan says:

    I’ve been unimpressed by the quality of the Parler app (maybe just on Android). Hoping with the recent growth it actually gets better. That said, I search fatherz and get.. several users but not you. On the webpage, only you show up with that search phrase.

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  7. BetsyRheaume says:


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