911 emergency phone system was down in Minnesota. Wherein Fr. Z muses.

911 numbers in Minnesota were unavailable for quite a while.

A news outlet posted the 10 digit 24/7 numbers for the counties in Minnesota.  HERE

You know, if I were the People’s Army, thinking in terms of unrestricted asymmetrical warfare…. which I sort of do even though I am not CCP… I would probe these systems.

I didn’t pull that image of “unrestricted and asymmetrical warfare” out of the blue. Years ago I read a book by a couple of Chinese colonels about how they could take down the USA.  A friend of mine, a Marine Corps Lt. General who had been J3 on the Joint Chiefs, gave it to me. It describes a way of fighting with limited resources a much greater power. US HERE – UK HERE

I wonder… what can we learn from this book for good initiatives in the Church?  For Tradition?   I think some of us are doing things from native intelligence, but.. were we to hone our efforts?

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  1. Philmont237 says:

    I’ve had similar thoughts on Mao Zedong’s principles of “People’s War.” He sees low-intensity conflict as a political struggle as much of if not more than an armed struggle. We could learn from this, and apply it to Tradition.
    It only takes 6% of the population to be insurgents to win a people’s war. They live among the normal people who simply want to be left alone. However through literature, conversations, repetition, and propaganda they are able to get a large chunk of the population on their side even if they don’t fight. This takes place over YEARS (protracted warfare). Eventually the opposition gets worn down.
    We don’t necessarily have to defeat the modernists, we merely have to outlast them.

  2. Adelle Cecilia says:

    Minnesota, where it just happens that they created a reason to riot, used it to get rid of their police, and are now involved in massive voter fraud to keep their freshman congresswoman from getting removed. And now 911 doesn’t even work.
    Can there be such a timeline of numerous coincidence? Good grief.

  3. JustaSinner says:

    Asymmetrical warfare in the Church.
    I would tape the Vatican’s antiquidated web system. Bug everywhere the Holy Father resides, tap the Vatican phone system and the cell tower. Every office in the Heirarchy would be transmitting every conversation. I would have eyes on humint ( human intelligence) on those associates of Francis that were up to nefarious ends. I would target 18-20 of the Cardinals world wide that are psychophants of the Pope for defrockment(?) so as to force a new crop of Cardinals less inclined of the liberal wing. Leverage of all that bugging and hacking is very powerful. Some interesting meetings between non-descript nobodies with various assistants to the powerful elite of the Church letting them listen to conversations with themselves and or their bosses doing things they would wish not to be made public would subtly alter things behind the scenes. A raft of retirements would follow.
    There would be accidents, heart attacks, cancer clusters and some serious spy v. spy action as the Italian Intelligence Agencies come to the defence of the Vatican (they were good in the ’80s, now, not so much) if some members of the Holy See try to defend themselves by reaching out to the Italian authorities.
    Costs of this operation, about 70 million€…needing a staff of about 40. Two year time frame. Body count, maybe 20, 30 tops. Expecting most of the 40 staff incarcerated or dead with three years.

  4. JonPatrick says:

    I guess I’m having trouble seeing how asymmetric warfare could be used as a force for good since it involves so much deception. I can see where it is being used against us, for example the Wuhan virus used as an excuse to restrict access to the sacraments and how we receive them i.e. no communion on the tongue. But then I haven’t read the book. I see you can get it on kindle for $9.99.

  5. ReginaO says:

    I work for a state agency and MS Azure AD and Office 365 online services were off line for several hours yesterday. Worldwide. As in – failover is no good. Supposedly because they pushed out a change that broke something. Took them hours to roll it back. That’s what they said. Lots of orgs use Azure for authentication and O 365 – ours does. Might be that the 911 services are housed there.

  6. SanSan says:

    Father Z, this message is from a contact that I communicate with: Thought you (Ham operator) and others would find interesting. (CORAC mission can be viewed on YT)
    As I have said before, I am working with CORAC Ham radio operators across the country. Why? Because we need a reliable communications capability that cannot easily be taken down nationwide. I just read an article about the 911 call service being interrupted in multiple states for a short period today. The article states that it coincided with an outage with Microsoft 365 services, and that may be the cause, but, having both the telecommunications and computer science background that I have, as well as having worked in the intelligence community for 23 years, this really feels like a test run to me. The biggest problem I have is who is behind it? Is it the government, or is it an organization like BLM or Antifa? Those organizations have spent a lot of time recently calling for defunding of the police, but, in my mind, this is greater expertise than what those organizations have previously demonstrated. This feels more government sponsored. Which government? The US definitely has the expertise and motivation, as well as China. There are a number of organizations that do have the demonstrated means and motivation. No, I do not want to be an alarmist, I just look at things from more than one perspective, especially when it comes to such issues. This is why I feel that it is extremely important to develop alternate means of communication, such as both HF radio for long range communications, as well as VHF/UHF for short range communications. Following is the Fox news article on the outage:

  7. Semper Gumby says:

    A September 22 article from the Union of Catholic Asian News:

    “Catholics in mainland China are upset about the distortion of a Bible story in a school textbook, which claims Jesus Christ stoned to death a sinner woman in order to respect the law of the time.”


    Sec. of State Pompeo during a recent interview with Value Voters Summit:

    “We’ve watched today the challenge that Christians and Catholics have to practice their faith inside of China. The Chinese Communist Party is attempting to rewrite the Bible itself to Sinicize the Christian doctrine. That’s unacceptable. That will diminish the Chinese people, and we want good things for them, just like we want good things for people all across the world.”


    Sec. Pompeo last week speaking in Madison, Wisconsin about state legislatures and the China challenge:

    “[Wisconsin State] Senator Roth got an email from Wu Ting, a person who was in the consul at China’s consulate in Chicago – it landed in his email inbox.

    “Ms. Wu stated that she was “responsible for China-Wisconsin relations.”

    “The email included a draft resolution that she asked the Senator to pass – in this chamber – praising China’s response to the coronavirus.

    “Of course, he got a follow-up email. She helpfully “attached a revised version of the proposed resolution.”

    “Roger wrote a one-word response. He said: “nuts.” That has a lot of American history, that word and that response, and the chutzpah from an American who understood what it is that’s in the best interest of our country.”


  8. acardnal says:

    Get the cw hand key out, Father.

  9. pbewig says:

    It turns out Microsoft Azure was not the problem. Many cities contract with Intrado for 911 services, and Intrado suffered an outage due to a technical error.

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