The “Cuties” Project. Lowering the age of consent is the ultimate prize. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Netflix created a hideous video called “Cuties”, which is nothing but child exploitation and worse, sexual abuse of children and an offence to any person they peddle it to.

Nexflix is blocking people who criticize them.

Jack Posobiec adds… and this is important…

Yeah…. if you object to “Cuties” you will be called a “pedophobe” in some way.

If you say that abortion is the preeminent life issue, some will say that you are against Catholic social teaching.

There is a connection between these issues.

It seems to me that this development reveals an important shift in the engineered devolving of society. I’ve written about this before and I will repeat myself.

What we see in Netflix and “Cuties” is an important stage in homosexualist incrementalism. This is what the homosexualist agenda is aiming for: lowering the age of consent.

Lowering the age of consent is what I have called for homosexualists the “brass ring”, as in on an old fashioned merry-go-round: catch one and you get a free ride.

We seen this trajectory for a long time now.

The homosexualists have slowly been shifting the language about deviant same-sex acts and those who regularly commit them.  Follow the trajectory.

Through the MSM and entertainment industry the image of homosexuality as something hidden and unclean was broken by replacing it with victim status during the flaming up of the AIDS epidemic in certain populations.

Then the victim image had to be broken and replaced, which was accomplished through cool and “with it” characters in TV shows and other culture movers.  Think of the absurdly high percentage of homosexuals in TV shows, increasing every year.  You can’t turn on a TV series now and not find it filled with deviants, now doing deviant things in prime time.

BUT!  They are cool and emotionally sensitive, who have answers for the dysfunctional and often less attractive “hetero” characters.

Fuse this culture shift with the rise of no-fault divorce and nearly universal contraception and we have the perfect deadly storm that can rip the sexual act conceptually away from marriage (what’s that?) and procreation (what’s that?).

Shall we mention the near total silence of the Catholic Church?

Now that subcultures are multiplying like viruses, we are just about ready, I think, for the next stage of the assault on the human person and God’s plan.  Not content for legalization of same-sex “marriage”, the next phase of the homosexualist agenda will soon be implemented: lowering of the age of consent (aka the aforementioned the brass ring).

And now they have helpers within the Church who are highly visible and often in positions of authority.   Certain Jesuits are blatant homosexualists, their superiors do nothing to stop them and bishops allow them to speak anywhere.  Bishops themselves in Germany are talking about blessing same-sex relationships.

Within the Catholic Church very highly placed authorities are working incrementally to detach procreation from human procreative powers and potentials and acts.

If you can successfully detach procreation from the use of procreative acts, etc., then it’s game over for Catholic moral teaching and, subsequently, for all Catholic doctrine.

Once you say that what is true (in nature and revelation) isn’t true, it’s over.

And, to be clear, the brass ring they are all reaching for is the lowering of the age of consent of those whom you can rape … have sex with.

And to hell with those who are trying to live chaste lives and who fight various inclinations.  Now, highly placed teachers in the Church are offering justification for mortal sins because, after all, people can’t live according to “ideals”.  It’s tooooo haaaard.   That’s what those who use Amoris laetitia as an excuse for Communion for adulterers.  Ideals are … well… unrealistic.  In our “lived experience”, we see that living chastely can be difficult, and that many fall.  The ideal remains the ideal but we all know that it is is simply too hard.  Therefore, let’s stop calling acts that violate the ideal an obstacle to receiving the sacraments (which are also “ideals”, I guess).

If some at the very pinnacle of those behind the scenes fueling these movements – not their Jesuit tools, German bishops, etc. – have the ultimate transformation of the Church in mind, those who are at lower levels of the movements really want to have sex with anyone or anything, and to start recruiting while their young.   The Jesuit and the bishops are dupes, chumps, useful idiots.

In 2017 there was a super-creepy conference for a “gay” thing with provocative “man-boy” imagery.  Back in 2018 we saw a disgusting story at LifeSite about LGBT deluxe designer using a 9 year old drag-queen to advertise  a sequined onesie alongside a “BDSM Bondage Leather Star and Chain Dress,” bondage-themed nipple pasties, and glittery anatomy-highlighting men’s underwear.

In 2020 at The Catholic Thing David Carlin made observations along the line of what I’ve been shouting for while.  Carlin added something, however, and he surely right.   Above, I mentioned the MSM and entertainment industry.  He says of the Great Progressive Propaganda Machine (GPPM):

I am astonished at the success the Great Progressive Propaganda Machine (GPPM) has had at promoting the moral acceptability of abortion and homosexuality, especially the latter.  Half the nation or more now believes abortion to be a good thing.  Not good in and of itself. Rather, good as a somewhat unfortunate necessity; an instrumental good, not an intrinsic good.


When you say, as the GPPM says, that abortion and homosexual practice are morally acceptable, you are saying that traditional Christianity is wrong about these matters; and you plainly imply that it is very probably wrong about many other matters as well.  The endorsement of abortion and homosexual practice, in other words, is tantamount to a denunciation of old-fashioned Christianity.

This is not at all strange given that the GPPM is mostly made up of four institutions dominated by atheists and near-atheists: [NB!] (a) the mainstream news media, (b) the entertainment industry (which was on display at the Golden Globes), (c) our best colleges and universities, and (d) the Democratic Party.  These are the “command posts” of American culture.


MSM… entertainment industry… academia… Democrat Party.

Just look at the Democrat Party platform and review the videos from the DNC.  And look the catholics on that stage.

Homosexualists within the Catholic Church also want what their allies in the larger GPPM want.

The brass-ring is the lowering of the age of consent.   They have allies among those who downplay the right-to-be born as the preeminent human rights, social justice issue.

Therefore, we will see the MSM and entertainment industry more and more often radically sexualizing children – rather like they did to women in past decades – practically turning them into whores.   If they can numb us to it, they will eventually grab that brass ring and obtain a lowering of the age of consent.

Remember, these homosexualists and abortion defenders (they both detach sexual acts from their purpose – procreation) are, at heart, totalitarians.

And when you hear some Catholic wonk spout the corrosive message that abortion is not the preeminent life issue but merely one of equal importance with any number of other issues, you know that you have run into one of the bedfellows of the homosexualists who are reaching for that brass ring.

For those who are blocked by Beans, as I am, a screenshot.

Again, if you can successfully detach procreation from the use of sexual acts, etc., then it’s game over for Catholic moral teaching and, subsequently, for all Catholic doctrine.

Once you say that what is true (in nature and revelation) isn’t true, it’s over.


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  1. Padre Pio Devotee says:

    Ironic that those whom COVID spares are infants and young kids——perhaps Providence is sending a message & warning through this mini-chastisement.

  2. Charles E Flynn says:

    WALSH: Child-Sexualizing ‘Cuties’ Movie On Netflix Is Even Worse Than We Thought. It’s Time To Cancel Netflix.


    Richard Brody at the New Yorker called the movie “extraordinary” and blasted the “scurrilous campaign” launched by “right-wingers.” The Rolling Stone’s David Fear gave “Cuties” a generally positive review, saying that the outrage is all the product of a “major misleading marketing mistake.” The Independent joined the chorus of defenders, declaring: “Cuties on Netflix is too moving a film to be marred by one bad-taste poster.” Many outlets, such as NPR, claimed that the film actually criticizes and exposes the sexualization of children. Actress Tessa Thompson said that she was “gutted” by the “beautiful film” and that the “current discourse” misses the fact that the movie “comments on the hyper-sexualization of preadolescent girls.”


    But you can’t judge a movie by its child porn cover, we were lectured. And then yesterday the film was finally released. It turns out, unsurprisingly, you can.

    As fuller clips from the film now circulate online, it is clear that those of us who criticized the movie actually understated the case. It is, if anything, way worse than we assumed and feared.

  3. OldProfK says:

    “Yeah…. if you object to “Cuties” you will be called a “pedophobe” in some way.”

    Very well. I have been a wicked sinner in my time, and I choose to be hated for His sake.

    My name is Kenneth David Hall, and I object to Cuties.

  4. Semper Gumby says:

    The framing on this is sinister:

    New Yorker: Cuties, The Extraordinary Netflix Debut That Became The Target Of A Right-Wing Campaign

    Forbes: Controversy Over Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ Was Outrageous, Unfair And Incorrect

    Daily Telegraph: Cuties, Netflix review: a provocative powder-keg for an age terrified of child sexuality

    Antifa’s pedophile problem:

    The Rotten Tomatoes review: “critics” at 88 and general audience 3.

    Wikipedia: “In 1977, a petition was addressed to the French parliament calling for the abrogation of several articles of the age of consent law and the decriminalization of all consensual relations between adults and minors below the age of fifteen (the age of consent in France).”

    Signers included Foucault, Derrida, Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.

    Another Antifa pedophile:

    California State Bill 145:

    This bill would exempt from mandatory registration under the act a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor and if that offense is the only one requiring the person to register.

  5. Fulco One Eye says:

    Canceled that sick Netflix years ago. Yes it had some good material but it was overwhelmed by the repulsive stuff. No decent person should be part of this indecency.

  6. Kathleen10 says:

    This is the hill to die on. This is the one. If we don’t defend the innocence of children, we will have no right to complain if the jaws of hell open up and swallow us whole, God forbid.
    We must fight these demonic perverts, never accept the term they prefer, “minor attracted”, and reject the idea that such perverts suffer “stigma”. This is terminology that was advanced at a conference at, of all places, the highly esteemed Johns Hopkins University about 3 years ago. Actual doctors there advanced the notion that the people who sexually abuse minors are mistreated and misunderstood. We must reject that concept and language the second it is uttered. We must never give comfort to this idea, never allow this diabolical lie a soft place to land in our heads and hearts. Children SUFFER when they are prematurely sexualized, the cemeteries and rehabilitation centers are full of such victims. See the great Elizabeth Yore’s website, “Yore’s Children”, I believe she calls it. She can tell you how they suffer. She does yeoman’s work in this area.

    California has just advanced a bill to challenge the age of consent with minors, to reduce it. CA is a state chock full of freaks of all kinds, and now this vile practice has made it’s way into their politics, which will wish to codify the molestation and rape of minors into law. Vile. Satanic.
    I wish I felt the Jesuits and the bishops were just useful idiots in these endeavors. I do not. They are morally culpable, and have become a driving force in these radical movements, they are not unaware, they are grown men, presumably, and the full moral and spiritual responsibility is theirs. God will deal with them. I consider them a plague, with a few very notable exceptions.
    Please God, we adults deserve what we get, but please, not the children, not young people.

  7. Clinton R. says:

    Netflix is absolutely disgusting. The descripton of “Cuties” is nothing less than diabolical. 2020 has been the year Satan has increased his attacks. In response, let us all increase our Rosaries, our prayers to St. Joseph and St. Michael. Let us GO TO CONFESSION. Let us grow nearer to Our Lord and increase in holiness. This will repeal the evil one and his efforts against us. The enemy is growing ever more desperate. As our Blessed Mother told the children at Fatima, the sins of the flesh send more souls to Hell than any other.

  8. JustaSinner says:

    Check Instagram with all the 14-15 year old girls dancing about in skimpy bikinis and tight clothes. Then check out the amount of middle aged men telling them how cute they are. First off, deviancy shows, and secondly, WHERE ARE THE PARENTS? Other than exploiting their children for clicks and sponsorships.
    There are even pre-pubescent dancing gymnastics girls…utter perversion. What sucks is it’s PUSHED into your instagram stream…

  9. Fallibilissimo says:

    This is the imposthume of much sin and pride,
    That inward breaks, and shows no cause without
    Why the soul dies.

    But for those who have eyes, our society is showing the objective signs of a grave spiritual necrosis.

  10. teomatteo says:

    Incrementalism. Heck, I’m so old I remember when all the ‘qu_ _ _s really wanted was to be left alone in their bedrooms.

  11. catholictrad says:

    The root of this illness starts much earlier, in the failure of parents and religious education to teach against self-abuse and sexual fantasy. Like any drug, a little is never enough, thus the abuse of self results in abuse of everyone. “Sexual liberation” = slavery to sin.

  12. RosaryRose says:

    The Blessed Mother said her Immaculate Heart will triumph. But before that, we could lose many, many souls. Faithful Catholics, we must work harder and be stronger in our faith to help the souls around us. When you despair, remember Jesus walked the earth and founded the one true faith through Peter. Our Church, the Catholic Church. The Blessed Mother warned us that all of this would happen. We had no idea how bad it could be, and it will probably get worse. Horrible to us, but She told us what to do – penance! Pray the rosary. Fast and pray.

    One of my PRE students thought reincarnation was real. He had seen it in a movie about a man who came back as a dog. The family didn’t go to Mass, I don’t think the mother was Catholic. So this boy had a void of the spiritual and he filled it with the movies.

    Pray and fast for souls, for a restoration of the Catholic Church – the PRE curriculum I had to teach for these students – who needed so much- was based on a Protestant curriculum. I understand what is used now is even worse.

    And people get angry about the SSPX….

    When you think all is lost, remember that only 1/3 of the angels fell. That means we have 2/3 on our side, and all the saints, the great ones we know of, and billions of saints we don’t know about yet. Ask them All to help us.

  13. Grumpy Beggar says:

    Father Z says:

    Lowering the age of consent is what I have called for homosexualists the “brass ring”, as in on an old fashioned merry-go-round: catch one and you get a free ride.

    We seen this trajectory for a long time now.

    The homosexualists have slowly been shifting the language about deviant same-sex acts and those who regularly commit them. Follow the trajectory.

    Back before it reached this stage, both homosexualists and liberals in general were lobbying to lower the age of consent of sex for young people – deviously presenting the pernicious premise that young persons would be consenting simply to have sexual relations with one another – not with adults . Back then, it hadn’t really entered into the minds of a lot of people that certain adults in positions of power might be trying to further re-orient/manipulate a sexually promiscuous society to a point where it would legally leave young people vulnerable to sexual exploitation under the guise of mutual consent. Yet it wasn’t long before some caught on and figured out the with-adult implications . . . now , today, we see the snake begin to rear its ugly head.

    But this head is only one facet of a much larger thing – something which Fr. John Hardon, S.J. refers to as Sexual Suicide – something we might call, one of the principal rotten fruits of the GPPM .
    But more than just Netflix or homosexualists, in sexual suicide, radical feminism, abortion, homosexuality and contraception among other things are all implicated.

    If we trace things a little further back in detail, sadly, we would also have to admit that a “mea culpa” from the Church herself ( her bishops) should have been in order, for giving, at the very least, a forward push to the GPPM where sexual promiscuity is concerned . What we see today is an accumulation. Father Hardon was prophetic. He passed away roughly 20 years ago but had already done the autopsy – as far as sexual suicide was concerned. In part of that autopsy – one of the last talks he gave , he uses the analogy of sexual promiscuity as a virus:
    “All of us– all of us–all of us have been in greater or lesser measure infected by this virus. . . We get some idea of how deeply infected– even otherwise professed Catholics have become with this sexual indulgence. [After] Pope Paul IV published Humane Vitae in 1968, one conference of Bishops after another stood in judgment of the Pope. Fully one-half of the Church’s whole episcopate decided and said so in print, that the Pope’s teaching was out of date.”

    Here in Canada we still have to live with the shame of that infamous Winnipeg Statement marring our record.

    The CCC [#1869] says that “Structures of sin” are the expression and effect of personal sins .
    So daily, and to a person, our first response always has to be personal holiness and when this is what we (begin to) strive for, we should – expect a struggle; expect a battle ! In a timely post just a few days ago, Fr. Z. was confirming for us what a great weapon the Holy Rosary is in this battle. Clinton R’s post above seconds the motion adding St Joseph (Most Chaste and Terror of Demons are 2 of his titles) and St. Michael as powerful intercessors. But the Holy Rosary is a weapon meant to compliment our spiritual arsenal which should (hopefully) already contain the most powerful means of all : Attendance/participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, reception of Holy Communion and regular Confession.

    Most ironic of all I think: The GPPM , the producers of Cuties – Netflix, the gay activists and gay lobby, abortionists, liberal extremists and a whole slew of other trouble makers (some mentioned 0 some not), all got in the positions of power where they are today by kicking and screaming for the very thing they are most adamantly and intolerantly denying us : Freedom of speech. Freedom of thought . And they’re doing their best to stifle freedom of conscience by bombarding our thoughts with anything that is not conducive to prayer. So we need to pray.

  14. NOCatholic says:

    When Father Z has said, that the Left wants to lower the age of consent, to legalize pedophilia, I was initially extremely skeptical. I had in mind the public revulsion and outrage over the child sex abuse scandals that have ravaged the Church specifically, but have also occurred in other churches and schools. That revulsion and outrage would seem to be a strong barrier to the Left’s agenda.

    Have seen the (creepy and disturbing) synopses of this film on and in the Walsh article posted by Charles E Flynn, I’m no longer skeptical. It’s now clear the depraved Left is pushing the meme that these children are actually “consenting” to these acts, bypassing the whole idea (and reality) of abuse. it may take a decade or two, but they are working in that direction. Revolting.

    And yes. We need to pray.

  15. acardnal says:

    All part of the perverts’ master plan that started decades ago:

    First, get into positions of leadership in the entertainment industry and mass media in order to influence the audiences over time so that the following behaviors are considered normal:
    – homosexuality (sodomy) is consider normal.
    – then normalize homosexual “marriage”.
    – and now they are working on normalizing sex with children.

    Read “After the Ball” by Kirk and Madsen and ” The Homosexual Agenda” by Sears and Osten

  16. mysticalrose says:

    What on earth can be done about all of this? We pray, we fast, we say novenas, we multiply rosaries . . . and it seems that society is just set on tumbling towards hell. I’m at a lost. At some point God simply has to step in.

  17. JesusFreak84 says:

    Go read “Making Gay Okay” and learn the whole history of the “movement.” Harvey Milk was a BIG fan of NAMBLA, (whom the ALCU has defended, I might add.)

  18. JesusFreak84: one must not forget that a number of our priests (funny how it seems the net has been scrubbed of references…) were involved in the foundation of NAMBLA way back. The rot has been there for a while but, in many respects, it has reached critical mass in the recent times.

    I posit the chaos we’re seeing in society today is a direct result of the unchecked infestation of our structures with the radicals and fellow travelers of the 60s and 70s. They were just ‘college kids’ back then and considered ‘going through a phase’. Well, a tiger doesn’t change its stripes…and they burrowed in to careers, kept their mouths shut until they replaced the old guard. Just like a latent infection…it eventually bursts forth. Diseases are best treated in the nascent stage…when it fulminates…it’s a lot harder if not impossible to control.

  19. Scottgun says:

    Get rid of Netfix if you haven‘t aready. We should encourage people to break free of the Pop Cult. Allow me to recommend a book by a Catholic sci-fi author who has written a short book about this: Don‘t Give Money to People Who Hate You:

  20. Brian64 says:

    As usual, California leads the way in this perversion. SB145 is on its way to the governor for signature, writing into law that sexual crimes not be labeled as such if the victim is between 14 and 17 and the offender is less than 11 years older than the victim. Imagine! A 24 year old can rape a 14 year old and not be registered as a sex offender! This is our government’s view of progress? Government’s main role is to protect its citizens. Who in the Hell is this law protecting? Oh, wait, “Who in Hell?”, got it. Every state senator and representative who approved this bill should be impeached and charged with criminal negligence.

    God help us all. I fear for the world my children will live in.

  21. tigger says:

    Coming straight from the 7th layer of legislative hell, California is already working hard to help destroy children by lowering consent.

    Where are the parents?! One day their child will be harmed and they will be defenseless in court. You can’t raise good families in that state without supernatural aid.

  22. The Astronomer says:

    Ultimately, carnal relations with any age child, and also animals (i.e. interspecies attractive-ordered) is the goal of these perverts, but Our Lord Jesus Christ is not fooled, vis: 2 Timothy 4:

    “I charge thee, before God and Jesus Christ, who shall judge the living and the dead, by his coming, and his kingdom: Preach the word: be instant in season, out of season: reprove, entreat, rebuke in all patience and doctrine. For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will turn unto fables.”

    I keep waiting for God to arrive like a night watchman and turn out the lights on our civilization, His patience worn a wee bit thin.

  23. SKAY says:

    acardnal said:

    “All part of the perverts’ master plan that started decades ago”

    I absolutely agree. As a young mother many years ago I remember hearing about NAMBLA
    and being horrified. They have always been about lowering the age of consent. Truly disgusting
    human beings.
    Michelle and Barack Obama are now associated with Netflex and are being paid very well for
    that association I am sure.

    “Eleven months after striking a deal with Netflix, the Obamas have a slate of programming.”
    I wonder if “they” will comment on Cuties and what it is about. Do they care more
    about the safety of children or money? Perhaps they have no problem with it.

    Many may not remember that the Obama/Biden Department of Education hired
    Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)
    They knew he was a homosexual activist and that he intended to influence what is/was
    taught in public schools concerning that subject.

  24. WVC says:

    While I agree this Cuties movie is atrocious and evil, aren’t we all trying to close the barn door long after the horses are loose, the barn door has been burned to ashes, and a gigantic meteor has turned the place where the barn was into a 3-mile deep crater?

    As Fr. Z points out, this has been an incremental change for decades, and folks, especially “conservatives” and the silent Church, have gone along every step of the way. The reality is that we’ve already created an environment where children are sexting each other in school, where students are sleeping with teachers, where major characters in kids programming are praised as sexual deviants (we’re looking at you, Spongebob), where 3 and 4 year-olds wear “tank-inis” in public, where “family” entertainment is professional sports featuring scantily clad cheerleaders gyrating on the field or lurid half-time shows, and where young girls are singing along to the lyrics of “WAP” – the number one hit song. This Cuties movie is disgusting, yes, and it is another push along the same evil path toward that brass ring, but it is by no means playing a crucial role.

    Rather than decry a movie overtly sexualizing young girls, why not take a stand against EVERYTHING that is pushing the sexual agenda? We don’t watch anything in our home that pushes sexual or racy clothing for men or women (no topless Chris Hemsworth as well as no Daisy Duke). We don’t watch anything with vulgar or profane language (including taking the Lord’s name in vain, which includes OMG). We don’t watch stories that support or condone extra-marital affairs including divorce. The kids aren’t allowed to read comic books with absurdly proportioned, inappropriately clothed heroes sleeping with each other in between fighting bad guys (the adult themes in comic books have been around since the 80s at least – I know, I used to read them – we’re looking at you John Byrne’s X-Men). Take matters into your own hands. Reject that which should be rejected and don’t make excuses or compromise with evil. If you can, edit objectionable content out. If you can’t, get rid of it.

    Parents have, for way too long, allowed others to raise their children. They depended upon schools to educate them, Hollywood & the music industry to entertain them and provide moral norms, and local parishes to instill them with the Faith. As with all authentic leadership, one can delegate authority but not responsibility. On Judgment Day, parents will be held responsible for what their child was taught, regardless of who did the teaching. It’s long past time for parents to take matters back into their own hands. If that happened, then there are many, many problems we fret about on a national scale that would disappear without waiting around for the government to try to legislate a solution.

  25. Hopeful says:

    WVC has a point.

    Meanwhile, some of us single and creative types may be called to do more than cancel, unsubscribe, and be gatekeepers (albeit valiant ones) in a merely preventive way. It might be demanded of some of us to exert God-given creativity and offer _something_ positively good, avoiding the pitfalls of derivative culture knock-offs and cheesiness too often observed in well-meaning Christian “popular” entertainment. Compared to mighty forebears like Shakespeare, Chesterton, and Tolkien, we might be at a disadvantage after a castrated liberal arts education and disorientation from floating too long in the warm broth of the world we live in. Yet in Shakespeare’s age God gifted men with Shakespeare, and in Tolkien’s age with Tolkien, and if we cannot measure up to them today that is no excuse to reject the call that may come to do our part.

    In your generosity, please pray for Christians who have such artistic gifts to share and yet are not doing so, either for financial / circumstantial reasons or because they are too busy fighting their own pride, despair, and acedia. Pray for vulnerable children and their caretakers. And let’s not tire of praying for those who hate us in the Church and the world. May God have mercy on us.

  26. JesuCorSanctissimum says:

    Another insidious avenue for this agenda is the push for ‘transgender’ minors to decimate puberty and be mutilated. If minors can make these ‘adult’ ‘medical’ decisions, can’t they make adult sexual decisions? It’s a pedophile’s dream…

  27. Richard_amdg says:

    Fr Z, correct me if I’m working, but it seems cognitively dissonant to use a phrase like “Homosexualists within the Catholic Church”. In fact, such a thing is (theo)logically false, absurd, impossible. These may have the outward appearance, but are, in reality, the wolves our Blessed Savior warned us about. Why not identify the enemy plainly? Only the real matters. It is especially urgent in these days to set aside human respect & calculations. Long live Christ the King!

  28. Semper Gumby says:

    “They are one step away from calling their critics ‘pedophobes’

    Screenshot this”

    Well, that has already happened, no need to “screenshot.” One example, the Norwegian “Pedofobi” written in 2011 and translated into English. No point linking to that in Norwegian or English. Here’s a brief quote:

    “Pedophobia is to fear and deny the existence of childhood sexuality. Pedophobia is to regard any expression of childhood sexuality as sick.”

  29. Semper Gumby says:

    Another overbearing Jack Posobiec tweet, from this morning, September 11:

    “Also never forget how Bush Inc, the intel community, and liars like @JeffreyGoldberg emotionally abused the American people after 9/11 to gaslight them into supporting war in Iraq where thousands of our soldiers were killed”

    On September 11, when even VP Pence and former-VP Biden can meet at the Ground Zero Memorial, Posobiec instead flogs his conspiracy theory and his hatred of Pres. Bush. Posobiec insults the 49 countries in the coalition that destroyed the brutal Saddam Hussein regime. Posobiec also insults the many fine Americans and foreign personnel who served, and who resent being accused of fighting for “liars.”

    That kind of outburst by Posobiec on September 11 is shameful. Posobiec is a Catholic with service in the Navy Reserve, he is capable of doing better. We wish him well.

  30. Cjrs_79 says:

    Why do you keep spreading lies and selecting titles which aren’t true? Isn’t creating scandal a sin? Cuties doesn’t promote pedophilia. Watch the movie. It’s actually a movie against the sexualizarion of children. How about we talk about little children pageants that are so prevalent on the south ? That is what promotes pedophilia. You want to talk about the sexualization of children? Come on. Let’s talk about those pageants that so many “Christians” promote

    Again. Why are you becoming a right wing conspiracy theory extremist? Why you all are doing is making a joke of traditionalism.

    I saw a sign the other day that said “in Trump we trust”
    Seriously? Why would you have said if Obama had done that.

    [A comment before you leave. I looked back at the other comments you have posted… those which I allowed to post, that is. First, they are mainly incoherent. Also, I think you have been duped. So long.]

  31. hwriggles4 says:

    I had Netflix years ago when DVDs could be mailed. I got it originally to rent old tv shows from my teenage years like “21 Jump Street” and “CHiPs.” I found I didn’t use it enough and that was one reason I canceled it.

    I am glad to see IMDB willing to take a stand. Speaking about how times have changed, “Marcus Welby, M.D.” did an episode circa 1975 about a teenage boy who was molested by a male coach. This episode (so I have read) was met with so much controversy that several ABC affiliates refused to broadcast it, and to my knowledge, it is not included in the syndication packages, and ABC did not even rerun the original broadcast that summer.

    As a 1980s teenager and a guy, very few of us were educated from church youth groups on matters related to sex. Although our co-ed group had a few discussions on dating, abstinence, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, suicide, social justice, etc., but not much theology and I don’t remember any respect life talks, I only remember one talk to us high school seniors (in a small group of 12 with a priest and a youth minister on a seniors and a couple college students on a retreat) about why the church teaches on contraception. After I graduated I attended a Catholic college in Texas for a few years (later 1980s) and while I was involved in the social scene (and I was Greek) , some of the girls there thought I was “weird” because I would not have one night stands, and when I was dating I accepted church teaching and believed relations should be reserved for marriage.

  32. RPBOOKS says:

    Small point: Netflix didn’t “make” the film, they just stream it. It is an independent French film.

  33. RPBOOKS says:

    Small point: Netflix didn’t “make” the film, they just stream it. It is an independent French film.

  34. The Masked Chicken says:

    Dear WVC and Hopeful,

    You both raise important points. The accelerating erosion of moral values in the Fine and performing arts is nothing short of breath-taking. I stopped reading comic books after the Silver Age because the young, hip college grads they hired to update the comics (I’m looking at you, DC), people like Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams, brought counterculture elements, sexuality, and the occult into comics in the 1970’s and it was all downhill, from there. The Comic Code Authority was on snooze.

    In 1954, Fredric Wertham wrote a famous book called, The Seduction of the Innocent, about how comics were perverting youths. It was taken seriously by Congress (although, to be fair, Wertham’s theories were overreaching, at the time), which caused the comic book companies to create the Comic Code Authority, similar to what the Hayes Commission caused in the movie industry in the 1930’s. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, most of the moral restraint in both genres would be thrown out the window. St. Teresa of Avila said that the more you feed the flesh, the more it wants.

    We need a modern-day Wertham to shake up society. Unfortunately, society as a whole has undergone a moral retrograde than makes decency something that is attacked. The big change between Wertham’s time and the present has been the introduction of contraception and the sexual revolution it supported. As long as the confusion of legality with morality continues (the thinking among many is that because the Supreme Court said contraception is okay, then, it must be morally okay), especially in the young near-atheist crowd (sadly, foreshadowed by certain Protestant notions regarding the definition of marriage and the like), I don’t see the situation improving.

    There is a law in epidemiology that says that the faster reproducing disease among many will eventually dominate. One way to stop the vice of over-sexuality is to produce large quantities of wholesome literature that sells. I suppose, one is substituting one vice (greed) for another (immodesty), but it is easier to restrain greed than immodesty, because greed of this sort is, usually, more public. I admit that I am cheap, so I download the free books in the iTunes book store. I have about 1800 books, about 1/3 academic texts, but the majority are mystery or sci-fi books. I cannot think of a single one, outside of C. K. Chesterton’s Fr. Brown series, that has any overt Catholic elements and only a few that have Christian elements (usually, poor theology). We need Catholic writers. Good writers would be nice, but even mediocre writers would help shift the balance towards wholesome literature. Where are all of the aspiring Evelyn Waughs? Ralph McInerny (+) was a philosophy professor at Notre Dame, but he wrote the Fr. Dowling series (a little light on theology, for my taste, but I own and enjoy most of the books). Anthony Boucher, the famous science fiction/mystery reviewer for the New Yorker (if memory serves), wrote two stories featuring Sister Ursula. I collect ecclesiastical mystery series. Harry Kemelman wrote the Rabbi Small series precisely so that he could explain Judaism though the mouth of the rabbi.

    I can think of only a few Christian Science fiction works. Fr. Z has pointed out a few of the current Catholic authors and I would be remiss if I did not mention Zenna Henderson from the 1950’s and 1960’s – even Issac Asimov was in awe of her writing (The People stories) and Walter Miller’s, A Canticle for Leibowitz. Where is the Catholic imagination, today? Where are the Rumer Goddens? Where are the Catholic artists (there are a few good ones that I know)? Where are the Catholic composers? If we don’t start turning the tide, now, we soon won’t be able to publish, at all.

    We need a Catholic artist guild. We need a Legion of Decency. We have never had more resources at our disposal than today. The time to start, is now.

    The Chicken

  35. RPBOOKS says:

    hwriggles4, IMBD has not taken a stand. Those quotes are from the parent’s guide. Anyone can edit it.

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