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The “Cuties” Project. Lowering the age of consent is the ultimate prize. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Netflix created a hideous video called “Cuties”, which is nothing but child exploitation and worse, sexual abuse of children and an offence to any person they peddle it to. IMDB’s parental warning on the new Netflix movie ‘Cuties’ literally states … Read More

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Jesuit Homosexualist Activist James Martin’s recent spittle-flecked nutty. Reactions.

As the canonization of St. John Henry Newman rolled up and rolled over us in Rome, I had anticipated that the Jesuit homosexualist activist ringleader, James Martin, would weaponize the saint because of Newman’s strong friendship with a man. It … Read More

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What the ‘c’atholic Left is up to on Twitter

Like the world, the flesh and devil, the catholic Left never sleeps. They are fierce users of social media. What are they up to today? Here’s something from relentless self-promoter and catty provocateur, Beans. I’m blocked by Beans, btw. I … Read More

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