Your Sunday Sermon Notes – 17th after Pentecost (NO: 26th Ordinary) 2020

Was there a GOOD point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass for your Sunday, either live or on the internet? Let us know what it was.

Also, are you churches opening up? What was attendance like?

For my part, I really screwed up today. I did not transmit Mass today, but rather just the image I made for a Mass. Then I went back into the private chapel and switched on the video and audio while people were still on line and did a kind of recap of my fervorino with lots of digressions. THAT didn’t happen because the time timed out in my streaming software! However, I did have the RECORDER going for the software.

I am not surprised I had problems. I did the Exorcism today, and I said I aimed it also at the US Senate.

Then, I was discussion something sensitive later in the afternoon, and my internet just STOPPED working.

I looked and looked for the problem. Eventually, I get my internet back.

So, I’m… ARGH!

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  1. Gregg the Obscure says:

    we had a kindly old priest who was ordained in 1967. OF Mass. he connected the two sons in today’s Gospel (one said he would go work but didn’t while the other said he wouldn’t but did) with the two sons in the parable of the prodigal son. too involved to recount here, but it was good.

    city limits us to 80 per Mass at the Cathedral which seats 800. we were close to the city’s limit for the 1030. was good to see so many young families in that number. i was almost late because many streets were barricaded or blocked by police cars before Mass, but that cleared up before time to go home. i’ve seen several reports of violent crimes and serious traffic accidents in town, but none in that neightborhood. curious.

  2. hwriggles4 says:

    Fr. Z:

    Since you asked about in person Masses, in person Sunday Masses resumed in our diocese (I am in the South) in August. The 1st weekend was 100 at each Mass and now my parish is capped at 250. The two Sunday morning Masses at 9 am and 11 am are full at 250, but the early Sunday morning Mass at 7am and the 5pm Sunday evening Mass (I have been to both of these since reopening) have been at 1/3 to 2/3 of the 250.

    Our pastor said tonight that while he has seen parents and children taking the time to play in soccer games, he said more families need to take the time to resume going to Mass. Our pastor reiterated that going to Mass is safer than playing in a soccer game and he also said that the devil often works in isolation. My opinion…I thought both of these were good points.

  3. Tristan says:

    NO Mass. Topic was confession, specifically about making a good examination of conscience.

    We’ve been open for a while, still low numbers (there’s a limit but we’re not hitting it, or maybe close but not enforcing it). But, seems like this week I started seeing some old faces that haven’t been at least to this particular Mass.

  4. Bishop Strickland had an awesome homily at Mass this past Sunday. I watched on the internet. His subject was expressing the theme that he sees in the Word of God for this Sunday’ simply, actions speak louder than words. He speaks of the two sons and I could picture Jesus was speaking to two of his priest or bishops sons in our present day. Great homily and you can listen here

  5. TKS says:

    I live in a parish of 2800 families but I don’t know how many thousands of parishioners. We finally have two Sunday indoor Masses of 50 max and two outdoor Masses of 200 max, however, it’s getting cold so those will be phased out. Registration, masks, and social distancing required plus EMHCs coming down into the pews. (I am the first in line Monday mornings to get a ticket and felt guilty until I noticed that there were still tickets available until Thursday.)

    Thank you, Father, for your Masses. I’ve ‘attended’ daily since you started and it’s kept me focused on what’s important.

  6. Jim Dorchak says:

    Mass is no longer required and is NON-Essential in Chile.
    9/27/2020 We had our first in person Mass here in Puerto Octay Chile (In the south of Chile) since March.
    We had to register in advance to be allowed to go.
    We had to be there no earlier than 10 min before Mass.
    We had our Masks on.
    We had our temperatures taken and had to step into a pan to sanitize our shoes (in case our shoes are sick?).
    We had gel put in our hands.
    Mass was limited to a max of 45 min long.
    NO communion on the tongue
    There are a total of 23 NEW RULES for the Mass from the bishop.
    Then we ran into problems:
    We went to our pew (my wife and I. Our son was in the sacristy preparing to serve Mass). We were not permitted to sit together! We had to sit at opposite ends of the pew. I had been in bed with my wife just hours
    before at our house. How could I possible get her sick or she get me sick????
    I looked at my wife who was now crying and said “Ok lets go home”.
    I went and got our son who looked scared since his mom was so upset crying, and we left the church.

    We will likely NEVER RETURN! Mass is Non essential. Nor is it required. (Our bishop is also non essential)

    The local protestant churches do not have these same rules. These are the rules the “bishops” of Chile have agreed to and created with the church secretary and janitor.

    We have not had in person Mass since March 2020.

    Here are the rules from the bISHOP of Osorno Chile:
    Translated (mostly):

    1. The person responsible for complying with this protocol is the pastor or parish administrator.
    2. The capacity should NOT exceed 25 people.
    3. In order not to exceed the maximum capacity, the Minister with his community will see the form of
    incorporation of the faithful to the temple. Crowds should be avoided.
    4. To ensure the participation of more faithful, more than one Mass may be celebrated, providing
    the time for necessary cleaning, disinfection and ventilation.
    5. In each community, at least two people must be entrusted to collaborate and watch over
    for compliance with this protocol.
    6. The celebration should NOT last more than 45 minutes.
    7. Inside the temple the minimum distance of 1.5 must be clearly marked
    meters between people.
    8. The ENTRY and EXIT of the temple will be done through the main door, indication that you must
    be clearly marked.
    9. As a preventive measure, when entering and leaving the celebration, the doors will be
    open to prevent the faithful from touching their surface.
    10. Upon entering the temple, each person should disinfect footwear in the
    footbaths arranged at the entrance.
    11. At the entrance of the temple the temperature will be controlled, which should NOT exceed 37.8 ° (with
    this temperature or more can NOT enter the celebration)
    12. The faithful will receive gel alcohol to disinfect their hands
    13. It is mandatory to enter with a mask on. The presider and the faithful will use it during
    the whole celebration.
    14. Do not give sheets, songbooks or other materials to the faithful.
    15. Singing people must be at least 6 meters away from the person
    16. The Bible readings should be read by one person only.
    17. During Mass, the chalice and ciboriums will be covered.
    18. Peace will be given only with a gesture, without shaking hands.
    19. Before giving communion, from the Altar, the priest says to the entire assembly: “Body of
    Christ, ”he will not tell every parishioner. Each person when passing communion can make a
    reverence as a gesture of love and acceptance.
    20. Communion will be given only in the hand. The faithful lower the mask only at the moment of
    Communion, then they put it back on.
    21. The collection will be made before leaving the temple, expeditiously, and avoiding crowds.
    22. Restrooms must be properly signposted
    23. An exclusive receptacle must be enabled to deposit COVID waste, once
    completed the task of point 4 of this document; close the bag, and deposit it in
    The trash.
    In the Preparation phase, the Eucharist is celebrated in the Cathedral, parishes and
    chapels of greater capacity.
    “No one is saved alone”
    Pope Francis, March 25, 2020

  7. Brian64 says:

    Solid Homily, as usual. Father spoke about the 9 Choirs of Angels and how God loves to share his causality.

    Attendance was way up – with lots of new faces! I do not turn around during Mass, so I did not get a visual check, but I kept a running count of those who passed by me for Communion – 120. That might be a record for our little church. Most do not wear masks. Seating is limited to every other pew, with chairs available in the attached “multi-purpose” room (which must have been packed!). As attendance has been increasing each week, Father spoke briefly before Mass. He went over the differences between the N.O and E.F. – mainly Communion on the tongue. He stressed that those who are not comfortable with it are not obligated to receive Communion at every Mass and they are certainly welcome to go elsewhere if they want to receive in the hand (which Father has condemned in some sermons).

    We have no registration nor temperature taking. Father hears confessions outdoors before Mass. He also blesses water, scapulars, Saint Benedict medals, rosaries, and icons before Mass. Many families send their children to Father after Mass for a group blessing.

    Side note: Our small TLM has four servers now: our sacristan, his son (about 16 years old) and two boys who received their First Holy Communion in the previous year (I think they are both 8). I’m hoping to add my youngest son to that impressive role call next year.

  8. Simon_GNR says:

    The celebrant pointed out that in John 1.12 we are told that “…to all who received him, who believed in his name he gave power to become children of God.” Not everyone is a child of God: one becomes a child of God by receiving Christ and believing in him. That doesn’t mean that those who have not (yet) received Christ are not made by God and loved by Him, and they may ultimately be able to go to heaven. One can become a child of God but it is not a status that is bestowed on everyone simply in virtue of their being human.

  9. Grant M says:

    The 30th Sunday without a Mass, save via Internet for me. Sunday night found me refreshing my long-dormant French by listening to Bishop Fellay’s sermon during the Pontifical Mass held prior to the translation of the remains of Msgr Lefebvre.

    Lorsqu’on regarde ce siècle, on voit un immense combat. On voit une revolution dans le monde et dans l’église et on voit Msgr Lefebvre qui s’ appose à cette revolution. Même jusqu’à Rome. ..Des combats, il y en aura toujours dans l’église militante. Le combat dans l’église, ça commence pas avec Vatican II. Ça commence avec la crucifixion de notre Seigneur. Et ça durera jusqu’à la fin des temps….[La Sainte-Vierge] que l’église salue comme terrible comme une armée rangée en bataille! …celle qui écrase toutes les hérésies.

  10. JonPatrick says:

    At the Franciscan friary in Kennebunkport again which is one of the few places in our diocese where you can attend without signing up. They announced communion in the hand only but I saw people receiving on the tongue anyway. There was confession before mass! Deo Gratias. The homily was about how like the first son our actions speak louder than words and we need to mean what we say in our lives.

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