More Jesuit Antics: Adoration of the Stanley Cup

From my youth I have been a hockey fan.   I get that the Stanley Cup is a big deal.  It would be pretty exciting to have that on display at a high school!

A reader dropped me an email…

I can’t seem to find [Rubrics for Veneration of the Stanley Cup] in Collins, O’Connell, or Fortescue. Would you know where to look?

In seriousness, this is at Jesuit High School Tampa. I’m told it was a momentary gaffe but the fact that this photo is still on their Facebook page makes me doubt that.

Please keep the students and faculty in your prayers; JHS Tampa has come a long way under the current president, but as this photo demonstrates they clearly have a lot further to go.

If this had been St. Francis Xavier in Manhattan, they would have put it on the altar and then done hot naked yoga around it.

Frankly, don’t understand why they had to do this in their chapel.   The school has a gymnasium since they have a basketball team.  Could they not have had adoration of the sports trophy in the sport venue?

In a larger version of the photo, above, it looks as if there is a veil on the tabernacle, which suggests that the Blessed Sacrament has not been removed.

No… I don’t get this.

This looks like quite a school.  The chapel is nice, reflecting care and generosity.   There are a few photos on their page of liturgical moments.  The fact that there are few of liturgy, doesn’t surprise me (…. Jesuits, after all).  But the few I saw were decent.  I saw a lovely statue of Mary, crowned with flowers and what looks like Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament outside at night with a large gathering.

What does it say to the students about the centrality of the Eucharist and the sacred nature of the chapel?  What are they REALLY saying to the students?

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  1. Tooksam says:

    Only Jesuits can upset me as a Canadian and a Catholic.

  2. thomistking says:

    This is disappointing, I’ve heard really God things about this high school. I believe they have a TLM, put in place by the current president.

  3. Jacques says:

    The jesuits’ decadence seems unstoppable.

  4. Padre Pio Devotee says:

    This is strange, I’ve heard good (orthodox) things about this school. Their chapel is amazing for a high school chapel. Their chapel is so traditionally designed, not only for a high school chapel but for a parish church! And they have artwork from Raul Berzosa, who created one of the Vatican stamps. They Commissioned a painting of a Jesuit saint from him.

    Strange they would do this With the cup—-but then again Jesuits *sigh*

  5. I am a huge hockey fan; Dallas Stars is our team. I am also cousin to Maurice the Rocket Richard, who was a very devout Catholic. I don’t think he would approve of this at all.

  6. mthel says:

    Still stupid to do this in the chapel, but is the gym/cafeteria/other spaces being used as classrooms to help spread out kids right now? All the Catholic high schools around here have at least one or more classrooms set up in the gym right now.

  7. knute says:

    Credit where credit is due, I checked the links this morning and it appears someone took down the photos of the Stanley Cup in the sanctuary at Jesuit High School Tampa; they’re not on their school website or the school’s social media profile anymore.

    Good on them!

  8. knute says:

    someone took down the photos

    Having looked for a while at that website, it seems to me that they are putting a good foot forward.

    However, they have, perhaps, succumbed to Immanentism Lite. It ought never to have occurred to anyone there, even for a second, to have Lord Stanley’s trophy in that fine chapel.

    Perhaps this will mark a moment of reflection for them and others.

  9. teomatteo says:

    This sadly brings to mind what i saw at my (former) local parish. The ‘alpha’ extraordinary minister of Holy Communion was assisting and was wearing a Red Wings jersey. Beside the priest at the altar. It really rattled me.

  10. rollingrj says:

    The Church Music Association of America had scheduled its 2020 Colloquium here, but was cancelled due to the pandemic. (No indication of whether they may return there in 2021.) Makes me wonder if this action was just an act of very poor judgement.

  11. Suburbanbanshee says:

    There is nothing wrong about bringing the Cup -to- the chapel, or in putting it in -front- of the altar. [No.] I suppose one could even bless the Stanley Cup, although honestly it might not be fair to sacramentals to make it one, while knowing it might be mistreated.

    But if that is the actual altar, actual altarcloths, etc., I do question what they were thinking.

  12. mo7 says:

    It demonstrates that there are no boundaries, nothing beyond the pale. If pachamama can be worshipped in the vatican gardens, nothing is sacred, not even Jesus.
    It further demonstrates that the worst thing right now is not covid or even the election it’s idolatry.

  13. Father Flores says:

    Why is it that so many Catholic Schools feel that their chapels (if blessed enough to have one) are generalized meeting spaces? School event? Chapel. Greeting visitors? Chapel. Award ceremonies? Chapel. In fact in some catholic schools, Mass is held in the gymnasium. Lord, have mercy.

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