Venezuelan dictator Maduro cites Francis to promote same-sex marriage legislation

The other day I posted my thoughts about the dreadfully confusing and anxiogenic remarks on video made by Francis in which he obviously condoned same-sex civil unions, as he has done in the past.  HERE

Some have tried to explain away the remarks.  I get that.  When possible even I have tried to do that because fairness requires that we look not only at the worst possible interpretation of statements that seem to contradict the Church’s teaching about important matters.   This time, I can’t do that.  Francis used the legal language used in Argentina about civil unions, “convivencia civil”.   What he said wasn’t about everyone treating each other with respect or getting along.  It was about civil unions.

In my previous remarks, I cited a footnote in the 2003 CDF document “Considerations regarding proposals to give legal recognition to unions between homosexual persons” was signed on 3 June, the Feast of St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, slaughtered by a homosexual pederast king.

“It should not be forgotten that there is always “a danger that legislation which would make homosexuality a basis for entitlements could actually encourage a person with a homosexual orientation to declare his homosexuality or even to seek a partner in order to exploit the provisions of the law”.

Today I read in a tweet…

Maduro citing Francis.


Citing Francis.

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  1. DavidJ says:

    If only they would listen to and act on _everything_ popes said with such alacrity.

  2. Semper Gumby says:

    The Apostolic Nuncio to Venezuela from 2009 to 2013 was Archbishop Pietro Parolin, now Cardinal and Secretary of State. Cardinal Parolin recently stated the Vatican’s “agreement” with China will be renewed.

  3. Chiara says:

    Per my pastor, sent by our Bishop, Edward Malesic of Cleveland:

    These are remarks from our new Bishop Edward Malesic from a letter he wrote to Cleveland priests to help us help everybody else:
    1. Comments made by the Holy Father in documentaries or interviews do not, in and of themselves, constitute a change in universal or particular law.
    2. I have not received any official notification that the Church’s understanding on this matter has changed.
    3. The quotes attributed to the Holy Father in the recently-released documentary film “Francesco” do not alter or realign church doctrine, but actually reaffirm the traditional definition of Marriage as a lifelong, life-giving, committed union between one man and one woman.
    4. The Holy Father’s remarks remind us that we all have the right to belong to a family and that even persons who have homosexual attractions should not be excluded from their families of origin, nor from the Church.
    5. Consistent with prior remarks, it appears that the Holy Father is addressing the matter within the framework of Church teaching: the objective truth of the definition of Marriage; respect for the dignity of every person at all times, regardless of sexual orientation; and safeguarding the civil rights of peoples by legal authority, even if they are living in situations that we do not condone.
    6. It is always important to go to the Pope’s actual words in the proper context rather than relying on reports about them.

  4. samwise says:

    @Semper Gumby: implying that Francis’s civil union comments will persuade China to legalize them?

  5. JustaSinner says:

    I like the Roman citizens of yore that would handle this with a Tiber River Washing…just saying.

  6. Longinus says:

    From Eccles is saved: “The Pope changes Catholic teaching. Jesus, the apostles, doctors of the Church, and 265 previous popes got it all wrong.”

  7. Semper Gumby says:

    samwise: Look closer at the Register article above. This article is actually by one Alejandro Bermudez of the problematic “CNA.” This “CNA” article has numerous flaws.

    First, read Fr. Z’s post above, particularly the first two paragraphs. Then, look at the “CNA” “analysis.” Note that the “CNA” headline “frames” this matter with a certain spin. Read the “CNA” “analysis,” you’ll note omissions and disinformation.

  8. jaykay says:

    We all know how things end up when a “Dear Leader” asks his “legislature” to “consider” something. Looking on the bright side, ordinary Venezuelans will have yet something else to applaud about the beneficence of their socialist paradise.

    So that’s good.


  9. Semper Gumby says:

    A few notes, not conclusive:

    The socialist Maduro has links to the regime of the ayatollahs in Tehran, and to Hezbollah (Shiite).

    Francis signed a “fraternal document” with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed el-Tayeb (Sunni).

    Maduro and the ayatollahs are exchanging gold for oil.

    See the Discover the Networks website for some insight on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Islamic Circle of North America.

    Venezuela has upcoming elections.

    An aircraft, Iran, and tons of “electoral material” several days ago:

    A news item about an Iranian “diplomat”:

    From Mehr News Agency (MNA) which is based in Tehran:

    “Back in mid-March, Ayatollah Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad, who is a senior member of the Academy of Sciences of Iran, had sent a letter to Pope Francis calling on him to step in to end the US sanctions on Iran.”

    “According to the Academy of Sciences of Iran, Vatican has responded to the letter via its Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin.”

  10. Clinton R. says:

    Tragically, Socialists / Communists have found a friend in Pope Francis. E.g., the hammer and sickle he accepted from Evo Morales and the praise from Raul Castro on his trip to Cuba. Not to mention being named “Person of the Year” by the Advocate in 2013. Communism and the homosexual agenda has become a match made in hell. When the enemies of the Church hail the writings and deeds of the Roman Pontiff (see Masonic approval of Fratelli Tutti), you know things have gone terribly, terribly wrong.

  11. Semper Gumby says:

    Clinton R.: “Tragically, Socialists / Communists have found a friend in Pope Francis.”

    That is unfortunate, but not surprising given Francis’ socialism, globalist agenda, frequent denigration of faithful Catholics, caudillo influences, and penchant for paganism. May God enlighten his soul.

    The Will to Power attracts, temporarily anyway, like-minded individuals. Lenin and Mussolini were once friends. Two weeks ago some Freemasons (Freemasonry is anti-Catholic) praised Francis’ globalist essay Fratelli tutti.

    Here is an example from a few days ago of another unlikely alliance.

    Ricardo Calleja, a professor in Spain, posted an article a week ago at a legal theory blog, “Ius and Iustitium,” a blog which is associated with the “Josias” website. The Josias is a stomping ground for “Integralists,” those who seek to replace our constitutional Republic with a Catholic theocracy. That is, the Josias seeks a Catholic police state today that is similar to John Calvin’s 16th century Protestant police state in Europe.

    Calleja’s article is titled, “Imperare aude! Dare to command!” A quote from Calleja:

    “Even when coercion adopts the appearance of force (e.g. placing someone in jail, expropriating their property, etc.), it remains an act of reason when it is just and prudent.”

    Yes, that was written in 2020. It was that type of “legal theory” in the 20th century that eventually produced the Gulag, concentration camps, the killing fields of East Asia, and over 100 million dead.

    Let’s take a closer look at Calleja. This professor in Spain is a self-described “semi-Schmittian” and he tweeted last week that his article “features Schmitt.” Schmitt is Carl Schmitt, a German legal and political theorist, and National Socialist, born in 1888.

    Schmitt’s fans today include Harvard constitutional law professor Adrian Vermeule and New York Post opinion editor Sohrab Ahmari. Politically, these two gentlemen claim to be conservative or at least allies of conservatives. They are both staunch, even zealous, supporters of Francis. As we shall see, these two gentlemen are not conservative but rather Liberals suffering from an acute case of cognitive dissonance.

    A closer look at Carl Schmitt, from Jonah Goldberg’s 2007 book “Liberal Fascism”:

    “Many on the Left talk of destroying “whiteness” in a way that is more than superficially reminiscent of the National Socialist effort to “de-Judaize” German society. Indeed, it is telling that the man who oversaw the legal front of this project, Carl Schmitt, is hugely popular among Leftist academics.”

    “Carl Schmitt, a grotesque Nazi philosopher, is among the most chic intellectuals on the left today. His writings were passed around as samizdat by New Left radicals in Europe, including Joschka Fischer, who spent the 1970s beating up policemen in West German streets and later became foreign minister and vice-chancellor in the government of Gerhard Schroder from 1998 to 2005.”

    Carl Schmitt, from Michael Burleigh’s “The Third Reich”:

    “…such [amorally clever] theorists as Carl Schmitt, who wished to reassert the primacy of the state over mere society.”

    Perhaps borrowing from Shakespeare is fitting: There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in the philosophy of Carl Schmitt and Fratelli tutti.

    Papolatry, excessive zeal for the Pope, is a variant of the socialist Cult of Personality. Confiscating personal property and incarcerating your political or theological opponents under the sly pretenses of Calleja’s “adopts the appearance of force” and “just and prudent” is a variant of the socialist Will to Power.

    May God heal the intellects of Vermeule and Ahmari, may He guide these two gentlemen away from the well-worn path of seductive legal theory and totalitarian projects so that these two gentlemen may be of assistance in preserving the Permanent Things- the Good, the True, and the Beautiful- and this Republic under God.

    “Socialism has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.” – Thomas Sowell

  12. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Btw, please pray for the soul of the Venezuelan priest, Fr. Jose Manuel de Jesus Ferreira, shot to death at the door of the parish hall while trying to protect a parishioner from bandits. He served at the Eucharistic Shrine of San Juan Bautista. His parents were immigrants from Madeira, and he had sent his mother back there to protect her from the unrest and famine in Venezuela.

  13. Semper Gumby says:

    If I could, a bit of friendly advice for Prof. Adrian Vermeule, mentioned in a comment above, who often gets a little carried away with Catholicity.

    The time is not yet ripe for new Supreme Court Justice Vermeule- resplendent in tonsure, bejeweled robe and shod in sandals, holding aloft the latest Papal Bull- to be carried on a ceremonial throne by loinclothed servants up the steps of the Supreme Court Building, accompanied by a blast of trumpets, sixteen camels and a platoon of the Swiss Guard. The sub-Atlantic tunnel to the Vatican is not yet complete.

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