What’s at stake?

They will mark people for retribution. They will destroy the balance of power to ensure permanent one party rule.

That’s how the Left rolls.

“Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.”

– Mao Zedong

Meanwhile, HERE

The tone and wording of her tweets… “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity…” should scare the bejeezus out of every American who still believes we live in a land where we’re free to express ourselves.

Historically, the elimination of political opposition is a consistent approach by far-leftists who prefer to use ostracization, internment and ultimately extermination to avoid any further impediments upon their quest for ultimate control.

While one might brush it off as nonsense I think she is projecting her innermost desires and apparently there are other prepared to jump right in with her.

Emily Abrams, a former staffer for Dem presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, took immediate action by launching the Trump Accountability Project. According to Abrams, the objective of the project is “to make sure anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump undermine America is held responsible for what they did.”

Just what is the Trump Accountability Project? According to the website:


We must never forget those who furthered the Trump agenda.

We should welcome in our fellow Americans with whom we differ politically.

But those who took a paycheck from the Trump Administration should not profit from their efforts to tear our democracy apart. The world should never forget those who, when faced with a decision, chose to put their money, their time, and their reputations behind separating children from their families, encouraging racism and anti-Semitism, and negligently causing the unnecessary loss of life and economic devastation from our country’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just who qualifies to be on the “list”?

Those who elected him: Individuals who worked for the Trump for President campaign, Republican National Committee, and affiliated PACs in 2016 or 2020.

Those who staffed his government: Individuals who worked in any role as a political appointee in the Trump Administration.

Those who funded him: Individuals who used their massive personal wealth and influence to bundle money for Trump.

Why not add anyone who voted for him in either election?

“When you point a finger at the moon to indicate the moon, instead of looking at the moon, the stupid ones look at your finger.”

– Mao Zedong


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  1. WVC says:

    This is why many of the vocal Trump supporters tried to encourage folks to look past the President’s flaws and realize what was truly at stake. Nice guy or jerk, hero or braggart – there was one guy with his finger in the dyke trying to hold back the flood. Remove that guy, and the dyke falls and the flood takes out everyone.

    What’s Joe Biden’s “Transition Plan” website? http://www.BuildBackBetter.com For anyone who’s been paying even half attention to what’s been going on all over the world for the past several months, that should be terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. They’re so bold at this point, they’re not even trying to hide it. In fact, they’re flaunting it.

    Again, thank God it’s Trump in this position and he won’t go down without a fight. Can anyone imagine Mitt or McCain or Jeb! or even Pence standing against this massive pressure to concede to the cheat? Not a chance. All the “respectable” politicians would have “gracefully” conceded so as to preserve decorum. It would all be over by now.

    I say it again, because it’s true – Trump is far, far better than we deserve. Warts and all.

  2. Spinmamma says:

    Still praying, still saying the Rosary for the discovery of fraud, still trusting in God that, whatever happens, God has not deserted us. Things look very grim indeed, but I am giving my little mite to help the senatorial races in Georgia and also donated to the Voter Fraud Investigation Project which is analyzing state elections data and cross checking it with phone calls, death certificates, birth certificates and other data. Our turn to resist.

  3. Percusio says:

    It truly requires hope and trust in our Lord to get “through” these times if in fact we shall ever get through these times without our Blessed Mother’s direct intervention. The democrats have so entered into false-speak that they have come to believe their lies and are unable to see they condemn themselves. They speak of peace and healing and unity, words that have attracted the naive, or ignorant, while on the other hand they make threats against at least 47% of the nation and yet they are still seen as the party of love and sympathy. How can this be a source of unity? Can you imagine, that they could care less for at least 47% of Americans. They are as welcoming as peanut butter on a mouse trap. They speak of “democracy”, but instill fear for your life or livelihood that you exercised your right and supported and voted for Trump. I know this has worked as they set fear into someone I know, for losing their job should they be known to have voted for Trump. (Pathetic coward!) This is beyond any hope that people will change their minds about the evil they adhere to and embrace. Their hearts are hardened like the Pharaoh’s heart and they will not willfully change. We have come to the point when it is so easy to lose any kind of hope for the future in seeing someone like AOC carry 68%+ of the vote over a 60 year old former Catholic School teacher and police officer. Of course being a Catholic School teacher may not be the best of qualifications and need great research. But to really top this all off, and it is THE MOST depressing reality, is that this all would have been prevented if we only had the grace of so many Masses that were not offered up because the bishops are afraid of the life hereafter. No trust in God and they think they have the wit to avert what God permits or directly wills in this virus. We see that most people wear their faith on their sleeve and is easily brushed off.

  4. KateD says:

    The ChiCom backed Democratics have taken a page from Leo Getz’ book, and whatever Leo wants, Leo gets….ya get it, ya get it? If they win, they win. If they loose, they still win. They can’t loose!

    Their Manchurian candidate, Shanghai Joe and the Wuhan Gang are pushing forward as if by force of telling the same lie (that they won) over and again they will make the lie a reality. That actually is frequently a very successful strategy for those willing to employ it. Down side: Eternal damnation….so they have that going for them.

    If President (and President-elect, see what I just did there? Two can play at that game) Donald Trump is able to untangle their web of fraud, deciet and lies and the Truth prevails and the states certify the legitimate vote or the courts come in and remove the illegitimate votes and President Trump is inaugurated for a second term, then they have primed the pump, by convincing the people that they won, for massive civil unrest with the objective of weakening our country through civil war.

    So we’ve had the first Wuhan Virus and now we have a second (I haven’t seen the new beastie but I’d wager this is a different bug), they have sent a second biological attack via murder hornets…that’s a slow burn…we will feel it in the loss of crops next year….come to think of it there were zero apples this year. Usually we pick tons of them have frozen apple slices, apple pies, apple butter, apple cider, apple gumbo…..okay not the last one….throughout the year.
    Last year the crop was abundant, this year there wasn’t an ape in the trees nor on the ground.
    It just didn’t happen. I assumed it was just the weird weather. How did the crops produce in Washington state, I wonder?….And isn’t it interesting that Washington State is ALWAYS where these things are initiated? Covid-19, murder hornets, CHAZ. Curious-er and Curious-er.

  5. iamlucky13 says:

    I wonder what Ms. Ocasio-Cortez was thinking sharing such a thought would accomplish. If she really does want to punish political opponents, she seems startlingly comfortable in saying it public. If she is doing it merely for attention, then it shows a little of her maturity level.

    Anyways, I’m not the least bit surprised. I archived some of the things my relatives and friends were saying in 2016 after Mr. Trump was elected. While some of the more tempered people expressed concerns about his policies, some of which I share, the overall theme was presumption and malice.

  6. John21 says:

    I thought I was reading some of Lenin’s early writings after assuming control of Russia at first!

    KateD: I often ponder what a second civil war would look like in this country in terms of belligerents, battlegrounds, commanders/leaders, etc. Would this be a conventional fight (i.e. state National Guard vs. federal troops?) or more asymmetrical with a uniformed force against an insurgency? To be honest, I don’t see Antifa types lasting long in a true insurgency. It requires much more mental and physical stamina beyond what their lifestyles demand of them. From what we saw in CHAZ, they couldn’t even properly plant a garden. Now imagine them trying to make a fortified encampment in, say, the Pennsylvania wilderness in winter before attempting a raid in Philly when the snow melts. That would be comedy!

    I do agree, though, that civil unrest would be in store should Pres. Trump’s legal efforts reveal widespread voter fraud. The extent of it remains to be seen. Trump must ensure that the nation adopt some kind of blockchain-based electronic voting system that would bypass the corrupt counters. If we want any more fair elections, we have to seriously revamp the system we have now.

  7. LarryW2LJ says:

    They love issuing threats, don’t they?

    Only problem – we’re not as spineless as they are.

  8. Mike says:

    Why are we all of a sudden on the defensive here? David vs. Goliath is always a handy metaphor. But I’m thinking that trying to steal an election, as the Bidenites are, isn’t something that will scan well on one’s resume.

    We don’t need the SJWs’ permission to turn the narrative right side up and stay on offense where we belong.

  9. For myself, I really don’t think this is over and I am trusting in my Flying Novenas. (Memorare) I think if we are patient there will be proof of voter fraud everywhere. God has brought us too far to let us down. He knows Trump is a sinner just like the rest of us are but I really feel he is the tool that God is using to bring about the exposing and corruption of democrats and RINOs as well as those in the Church that are corrupt. I may be wrong but I have hope.

  10. Semper Gumby says:

    The following article from November 2008 was written by an occasional commenter here, Charlotte Allen.

    Note: ACORN is defunct though Wikipedia disinforms the reader as to why (see the James O’Keefe human trafficking sting operation), ACORN International operates today.

    “The in-your-face Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is currently being investigated for voter-registration fraud in 13 states. ACORN is often referred to as the spawn of Saul Alinsky (1909-72), the godfather of radical community organizers, whose most famous aphorism was “Keep the pressure on.””

    (The Party of Death spent four years deligitimizing the 2016 election, now they shriek “Nothing to see here, move along!”)

    “Since the allegations of voter-registration scams surfaced in the media in September, ACORN has taken pains to distract public attention from both itself (its website blames “the right wing noise machine” for its troubles) and its connections to Obama.”


  11. tho says:

    Biden is the lowest of the low, for the leftist he is a useful idiot. The death knell for our country will be the type of people he surrounds himself with. To be light hearted for a minute, how about Hunter as Secretary of the Treasury, that way he won’t have to travel so much. I thought that might be funny, but the way things are going it might be true.
    I am just so down in the dumps that it is hard to think of anything optimistic. To imagine AOC and the squad making policy decisions, is enough to make me crawl under the bed. As others have said prayer, and reading history, where other countries have survived such cataclysmic events. Sadly I can’t think of any examples.

  12. hwriggles4 says:

    While I am trying to remain patient and optimistic (and I would not be surprised if double voting, cemetery voting, and rolling back postmarks were factors in PA, MI, and WI, and it’s possible for software to be written to give certain outcomes – Volkswagen did it years ago), I am glad that my state (Texas) and several other states prevailed over the big money that was given to left leaning candidates. In short, I hope these big donors learned that their money could be used for more fruitful pursuits.

  13. KateD says:

    *Apples in the trees.. .lol!

    Re the Mao hammer quote:. My husband says the name of one of the dodgy main frame and software programs is called “Hammer”, the other is called ScoreCard. They were used to intercept the vote, digitally, and change votes from Trump to Biden. The glitches are associated with this…There’s more…..

    I think when all is said and done they will discover not only Trump but the House and Senate were overwheingly red this year.

  14. ChrisP says:

    FYI, the most popular download on iPhones in China is……..

    Xi JinPing’s “Thoughts”

    Digital Little Red Book coming to an Apple store near you.

  15. monmir says:

    Remember that then President Obama said “we have your names”

  16. stephen c says:

    Catholics who did not do everything they could to protest when the St Gallen evildoers fraudulently elected poor Father Bergoglio have little cause to be very disappointed in their fellow men when other elections are being stolen. Sad but true.

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  18. KateD says:

    John21 -. WHEN President Trump wins his second term officially, the ChiCom operatives (in Antifa and BLM) will instigate civil unrest, in hopes of causing civil war. But they only have access to weak tinder….paper. Have you ever just used paper for a fire? It goes great for like ten seconds. In the end, though, you’re just left with a bunch of dumb ashes….lol…and those are easily dealt with.

    The world should hope for the Truth to be accepted. The alternative is ugly.

  19. jdt2 says:

    Terribly upsetting, all of it, not least of which is Pope Francis’ seemingly embracing of Biden. As hard as I try to imagine it, I just can’t picture John the Baptist doing so to Herod after coming to power, knowing full well who he was. I wonder how many even more babies will be slaughtered under the new regime. May God have mercy on all of us.

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