A joyful project in view of greater determination

These are evil days and, right now, we seem to be on the cusp of a dreadful turn.

Therefore I was especially pleased to have a project this evening. A reader – I don’t know who – sent me a prayer bench.

Some assembly required.

About a half hour later…

The directions were ridiculous and the small parts had escaped their little plastic bag… if they had ever been within. But I figured it out.

Last week I had another project as well…

That was a happier day, filled with a bit more joy.    But joy is… tidal.

We persevere.

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  1. Fr. Andrew says:

    I’m looking for something similar to your 2nd item for my rectory- do you have a link for it?

  2. Anneliese says:

    That kneeler looks like it’ll be brutal for the knees. Are you going to put a cushion on it? Or are you planning to offer up the pain?

  3. JPaulZ says:

    Good for you, exceptional projects. I wonder if an indulgence could be granted for persevering through the assembly of one of these furniture kits. The challenge would be remaining in a state of grace throughout the assembly process. Not using our Lord’s name in vain could prove difficult.

  4. Maximilian75 says:

    What’s the purpose of the latter item?

  5. tho says:

    Maximilian75…. Good question.

  6. Kathleen10 says:

    Beautiful work! Being lost in a project is a superb way to spend time today. It’s a nice bit of escapism and we could all use it.

  7. Semper Gumby says:


    Maximilian 75 and tho: That may be the new SVVAS archive vault. Or a pizza oven.

  8. Blaise says:

    I was thinking recently about trying to buy a prie dieu in England. But I have no idea where to start looking (other than perhaps Ebay).

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