Daily Rome Shot 45

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  1. mo7 says:

    Thank you for this picture series. How much we have; how much we have lost.

  2. Sid Cundiff in NC says:


  3. ThePapalCount says:

    This is the Church of St Anthony and its quite old and opulently opulent. The decor inside the church is stunning. The phrase, “nothing too good for God”, fits this church. The church is on a side street of sorts. Its a favorite walk of mine from the Pantheon area through past Pz Maddalena and one of Rome’s great ice cream shops and walk still keeping left along some back streets past this beautiful church and a very old building housing a barber shop. The barber shop building was recently cleaned up but looked better old and dusty. Bbut this church is right there. You keep walking on these old streets (leaning to your left) and you come out at the top of Piazza Navona. The church is not always open but on Sundays it is. Its really a beautiful gem. I attended a baptism here a few years ago. Not far from here is the ristorante “Alfredo” that made “fettuccine Alfredo” famous over 70 years ago.

  4. jaykay says:

    Sid Cundiff: it’s Sant’Antonio in Campo Marzio, a.k.a. Sant’Antonio dei Portoghesi in the Via dei Portoghesi. It’s the national Church of Portugal in Rome, currently the titular Church of Cardinal Manuel José do Nascimento Clemente.

  5. jaykay says:

    And indeed, to echo mo7 above and many others over the past 45 glorious posts, sincere thanks to Bree Dail for them and to you for posting them, Father.

  6. Sid Cundiff in NC says:

    Thank you, Jaykay.

  7. Gab says:

    @ThePapalCount and @JayKay – thank you for the information and story on this church. (I had no idea from the picture which church it was, so appreciate the explanations).

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