Watching the chaos in Washington DC. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

I’m watching various live feeds from Washington DC on this day when Congress is to/was to certify the Electoral College vote.

Alarming still photos are now being broadcast of protesters on the floor of the Senate and security with guns drawn and aimed.

I’ve had a growing sense of unrest for weeks about this day. I cannot help but think that what is going on now is fueled in part by a rise in demonic activity.  That’s why I’ve often recited Ch. 3 of Title XI in the Rituale Romanum also for protection from demonic action surrounding the certification of the vote.  I didn’t know what was on the horizon exactly, but I suspected something bad was coming.

One way or another, one outcome or another with the election, I sense that – as of today – things are not going to be the same.  Today feels like a tipping point.

This didn’t develop out of nothing. It is a point along the trajectory we’ve been on for quite a while, at least since the 1960’s. I believe it has been slowly, carefully orchestrated in over the decades and it isn’t over. The education system and entertainment industry has been involved. By now, through the dumbing down and ideological twisting of education, to produce a couple generations of people who can’t reason, through the desensitizing of the masses to sin of all kinds on television, we’ve reached a kind of reaction point.

We are not at the end of what is in store for us, I’m afraid.

Now there also exists “Big Tech”.

Education… entertainment… news outlets… big tech… all aligned with an agenda which can be realized through a one party system.  A party that embraces abortion and other horrors.

The other day at Crisis I saw a paragraph in an article about the lunacy of a prayer in Congress that ended “Amen, and awoman.” This sums it up well:

Because we have substituted truth for power we have arrived at a place where we cannot even use the word amen or refer to others as husband, wife, mother, and father. We are on the verge of slipping into a nothingness, surrounded on all sides by the irrational and contradictory claims of a culture that is only concerned with having the “liberty” to craft their own version of reality, rather than living in the truth of the reality in which they find themselves.

Craft your own version of reality.  That was the temptation for our First Parents by the Enemy.

The divisions in our country and in the Church herself are so sharp, so broad, that it is hard to imagine what sort of event might heal the divides.  I can only imagine that it would be either the manifestation of an amazing miracle (e.g., I ask God daily for the miraculous elimination of the virus) or a disaster of some kind so great that it overcomes the ongoing atomization.

I am genuinely concerned that a chain reaction towards a dark outcome is underway.  The chain reaction was accelerated by the catalyst of COVID-1984, the Wuhan Devil. Yes, Devil.  I think the virus was cursed somewhere along the way.

Therefore, those of us who can, have to do our part in fighting the virus and its effects with spiritual weapons.   Fathers, you need to do this.  When you do, stand firm.  You will be attacked.

My hope is that many of you who may be a little tepid or complacent about your Catholic Faith will now be moved to get more serious, to make some life changes.

  • We all need to start gaming out in our heads what the next few months could bring.  Families need to have discussions.
  • Start praying in your homes, in your “domestic churches”.  Say the Rosary together.
  • Men, start asking for St. Joseph to be your special patron.
  • More than ever we need traditional liturgical worship and traditional devotions.
  • Everyone, along with prayer, take on some fasting and perhaps other mortifications.

The election and the counting of the Electoral College votes is just the backdrop, in a way.  The picture is far bigger.

Again, one way or another, one outcome or another with the election, I sense that – as of today – things are not going to be the same.  Today feels like a tipping point.

Today is also real Epiphany, when we commemorate the culmination of a long, arduous journey made for the sake of worshiping the Word made flesh.

Today we see what happens when people do not make that journey.


I saw this dire tweet.   I can’t at this point say that I think he is wrong.

Also, at the Washington Times

Facial recognition firm claims antifa infiltrated Trump protesters who stormed Capitol

Trump supporters say that antifa members disguised as one of them infiltrated the protesters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

A retired military officer told The Washington Times that the firm XRVision used its software to do facial recognition of protesters and matched two Philadelphia antifa members to two men inside the Senate.

The source provided the photo match to The Times.

One has a tattoo that indicates he is a Stalinist sympathizer. antifa promotes anarchy through violence and wants the end of America in favor of a Stalinist-state. “No more USA at all” is a protest chant.

XRVision also has identified another man who, while not known to have antifa links, is someone who shows up at climate and Black Lives Matter protests in the West.

Born in Portland, Ore., antifa has mounted a year of violence in that city. The mayor said this week that antifa is trying to destroy the town and called for tougher police measures.

Antifa, which is loosely organized nationwide, exports warriors to other towns.

Before the Nov. 4 election, an antifa chapter sent out on social media a reminder for members to disguise themselves as Trump supporters by wearing the distinctive red Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.

“On Nov. 4 don’t forget to disguise yourselves as patriots/Trump supporters. Wear MAGA hats. USA flags. A convincing police uniform is even better. This way police and patriots responding to US won’t know who their enemies are and onlookers and the media will think there are Trump supporters rioting so it’s harder to turn popular opinion against us.

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  1. PeterN says:

    “This didn’t develop out of nothing. It is a point along the trajectory we’ve been on for quite a while, at least since the 1960’s. I believe it has been slowly, carefully orchestrated in over the decades and it isn’t over. The education system and entertainment industry has been involved. By now, through the dumbing down and ideological twisting of education, to produce a couple generations of people who can’t reason, through the desensitizing of the masses to sin of all kinds on television, we’ve reached a kind of reaction point.”

    Amen, Father.

    This has concerned me for some time. Even people who are trying to oppose the onset of totalitarianism are infected by its premises and as undisciplined as its adherents. What we’re seeing unfold in DC will accomplish nothing, but our own people have been trained to react to their emotions, not their reason.

  2. avr says:

    Biden, of course, will be a horrible president. I myself could never imagine voting for a member of the current Democratic Party. Yet none of this means that Trump is qualified for office or that the election was somehow stolen from him. Trump has always been weak and incompetent. It is no surprise that he lost the election. I sincerely hope that Trump is impeached. By promoting falsehoods about a stolen election and stoking sedition in the Capital, President Trump has undermined key parts of our democracy that we will need to continue to depend on in the future. Trump’s reckless actions must be utterly repudiated.

  3. Cafea Fruor says:

    The whole world has already not felt the same this entire year. I’m so grateful for my faith–without it, I think I’d be hitting despair right about now.

    While I have many complaints about my father (who was abusive and very distant), I realized today that I am incredibly grateful that A) he taught me brother and sister and me how to use logic, B) he made sure to keep us in Catholic schools all the way through high school despite the cost, and C) those particular schools seemed to buck the norm and actually gave us a solid education and taught us to think and read critically. A colleague, who’s also Catholic, and I were talking about the news today, and we both agreed that it seems so many people have basically drunk the Kool Aid because they don’t think for themselves.

  4. johnnys says:

    @ avr…..that the election was somehow stolen from him

    You seem to forget what the left is capable of….the Russian hoax, the Kavanaugh and Barrett persecutions.

    All in the name of protecting abortion. President Trump is the first President to call them out on it directly. Not weak at all. The weakness came from ‘Catholics’ not supporting him and siding with pro abortion.

  5. Markus says:

    It appears that your statements need to be “repudiated”. If incompitence is evidenced by a president attending a ProLife rally, and supporting it, I, for one, that will vote for that person every election. It is a moral stance, not political. But, alas, my “repudiation” will probably fall upon deaf ears. Pray for our country as it is our only hope.

  6. Suburbanbanshee says:

    It’s easy to “somehow” lose an election when there are more people voting with mail-in ballots than the entire population of the county, much less the number of registered voters. And that was just one of the indications of cheating on a massive scale.

    This kind of fraud disenfranchises members of every party, as well as independent voters. When elections can be won by nonexistent voters, a party has no need to pay attention to its party faithful, or to anyone except its major donors.

  7. Ame E. says:

    “I’ve had a growing sense of unrest for weeks about this day. I cannot help but think that what is going on now is fueled in part by a rise in demonic activity.”

    I agree, which is why this is happening on Epiphany. It reminds me of the nationwide George Floyd protests that were held very near or on the feast of Pentecost.

    Prayers for our country.

  8. Fulco One Eye says:

    For decades we have been talking about how divided the nation is and how much this has accelerated. But no one ever considers the obvious next step in any such situation: division. It’s so clear that the US votes and lives left/urban and right/rural. Even the north/south division attempted in 1862 was actually rural/urban. The central government is systematically urban and as long as it tries to strong arm the rural parts of the country there will be trouble. But can you imagine Nan and Chuck tolerating the deplorables?

  9. Ame E. says:

    “Today is also real Epiphany, when we commemorate the culmination of a long, arduous journey made for the sake of worshiping the Word made flesh.

    Today we see what happens when people do not make that journey.”


  10. Semper Gumby says:

    “This didn’t develop out of nothing. It is a point along the trajectory we’ve been on for quite a while, at least since the 1960’s.”


    “I believe it has been slowly, carefully orchestrated in over the decades and it isn’t over.”


    “The education system and entertainment industry has been involved.”


    The anti-Pres. Trump comment by “avr” is, of course, ridiculous.

  11. NOCatholic says:

    @avr: You are exactly right.

    Right as to how horrible Joe Biden will be.

    And all too right as to how Donald Trump is unfit for office, and how the election was anything but “stolen” from him.

    There have been pro-life, conservative and Christian Americans who warned against Trump’s character and the dangers of trusting hm with power. They are no doubt horrified, as am I, about how they were proven right, beyond any doubt, by the events of today. These riots, resulting in at least one death, are all on Trump. I agree, he should be impeached and convicted, if only to keep him from running for President ever again. No matter how many pro-life Justices he appointed or how many pro-life rallies he attended. This man cannot be trusted with our democracy. Period.

    God bless America. God help us all.

  12. Gab says:

    Last week antifa was bragging (all over twitter) about them infiltrating this Trump rally in order to cause chaos and violence. After seeing what’s going on, it’s easy to spot the antifa terrorists. It was a peaceful protest until antifa turned up to disrupt. Agents of satan clearly.

  13. kurtmasur says:

    “Craft your own version of reality. That was the temptation for our First Parents by the Enemy.”

    I hope that today serves a lesson to ALL Americans, regardless of their political ideologies. Continuing to insist that Trump won the election and that it was stolen is not any different than them liberals convinced that there are multiple genders and other twisted beliefs. It just shows delusions from both sides, and it only shows that both sides are prone to also “craft their own versions of reality.”

    Yes, Trump is pro-life, and we all here support him on the basis of that, but let’s not fall into the pitfall of delusion.

    We don’t need somebody like Trump to defend life. Even with a democratic president, there are plenty of conservative judges to do just that, including in the Supreme Court.

    So, to conclude, the mob that stormed the Capitol building today is living proof of what happens when people let themselves become deluded. In fact, if exposed to all this delusion in the long term, there is risk for a cult of personality to emerge, not unlike that in North Korea. Enough of drinking the cool-aid!

  14. kurtmasur says:

    “The divisions in our country and in the Church herself are so sharp, so broad, that it is hard to imagine what sort of event might heal the divides.“

    I can’t help but wonder if such deep divisions correspond to the same divisions that Christ said he had come to bring. Perhaps these divisions are preliminary symptoms of His second coming? This would even be consistent from Malachi’s point of view, if indeed Francis is the “Petrus Romanus” and if our era could be characterized as a time of “tribulations.”

  15. RosaryRose says:

    Amen Father Z! You wrote “It is hard to imagine what sort of event might heal the divides. I can only imagine that it would be either the manifestation of an amazing miracle”

    I am praying for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as she requested at Fatima. All the Bishops of the world in union with the Pope.

  16. crjs1 says:

    @avr I absolutely agree. Biden and the Democrats are a disaster, they are a disaster for the unborn. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

    The ridiculous refusal by Trump to accept the outcome of the election, despite the numerous judges – many appointed by republican administrations – finding no credible evidence of fraud; the whipping up of a mob by Trump. That is what led to the storming of Congress today. My goodness even Mitch McConnell was clear in his speech in the senate about the legitimacy of the election.

    When did people, in including those who’s motives are good, loose all ability to reason and turn to mob violence? The mob today like the BLM mobs can not be excused or explained away by recourse to imaginary ‘justifications’. Neither should we try to explain away Trumps culpability, his ongoing incitement including his actions at the rally today are inexcusable. Saying this my no means makes me a Biden fan – neither him or Trump are fit for office.

    The violence today will destroy Trumps legacy and hopefully isn’t a tipping point to further violence.

  17. iamlucky13 says:

    I’ve thought about commenting on some of the discussions regarding election fraud. Partially, my perception of the matter is shaped by the fact that I live in a predominantly liberal area, but the number of people I know who opposed President Trump’s reelection makes it seem very credible to me that Mr. Biden had enough support to win enough votes in more moderate states, as well. I even suspect that Trump would have lost by a significant margin were it not for the way the left downplayed and even excused the riots that arose out of the BLM protests. I suspect that provarication also contributed to the escalation that happened today.

    However, I respect Father and his readers, so I have generally refrained since I have not had the time to fairly examine the arguments that the election was stolen.

    I would at least like to say that I hope no one here wanted to see the challenge to the electoral results turn out like this, and that we should all pray for a peaceful resolution.

    Unfortunately, although there was a warning of violent content, I thought one of the video’s I just watched of the protests would show the sort of distant, indistinct, shaky portrayal we usually see of such events. Instead, it was a close up view as protestors broke windows in doors that led to a hallway being barricaded by police. A woman in the group decided to climb through one of the windows and was shot. It is distressing to recall the image of her lying on the floor dying. It might not have been necessary for the police to shoot her, but it also was not necessary nor productive for the debate to turn into such a tense confrontation. I hope hers is the only death during these events.

    I certainly will pray to Saint Joseph for myself, as well as to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, our nation’s patroness, and Venerable Fulton Sheen, who was notable for his patriotism.

  18. Philmont237 says:

    This quote keeps coming to me today.

    “I am a Christian, and indeed a Roman Catholic, so that I do not expect ‘history’ to be anything but a ‘long defeat’—though it contains . . . some samples or glimpses of final victory.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

  19. Philmont237 says:

    This too:

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
    The darkness drops again; but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

  20. Kerry says:

    avr, “Quod gratis asseritur, gratis negatur”.

  21. priest up north says:

    “Today feels like a tipping point.”

    I agree Father. We are either “all in” for Jesus Christ or we are against Him; there is no middle ground any longer.

    As I watched at various times today, the sentiment in my heart regarding my shepherding the portion of Christ’s flock entrusted to my care is the need to show them and exhort them to stand firm in Jesus Christ: the Way, the Truth, and the Life and the ONLY way to the Father. What was very plain to me in periodically watching today’s happenings, whether it was the attempts of each of the two chambers to carry out their work, or in seeing/hearing of some of the people in the streets with their vulgarity-laced rants, was the clear division of “Truth versus lies” – and how the fact that every lie (large or small) must be held up in the mind of the liar by further lies, and that when such lies are challenged, chaos and collapse ensue; meanwhile, living the Truth sets us free to live where nothing can touch us, even if persecuted and made to suffer onto death.

    I choose to write these things here in response to your “rant” on your forum as I believe by putting these thoughts out there will help me to hold myself accountable.

    Following your bullet points of “life changes,” the importance of living the Truth (which is not always the same as being “right”) needs to be emphasized and put into practice. There is no room for hypocrisy here that says “I am for the truth” while still living in or ignoring mortal sin in one’s own life. Every one of us, with the help of God’s grace, needs to repent of sins (casting out the “Father of lies” from our lives – that seeks to hide each lie with further lies) and each day sincerely seek to be true to the will of God – as given by He who is the Truth – in the fullness of His Being, in Word, and in Sacrament – as such living will make us participants (speaking of what may include an “amazing miracle”) in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart – even if we are no longer on earth to see it.

  22. WVC says:

    @NOCatholic – Why am I not surprised to find you here, seeking moral vindication for your petty personal vendetta, now over the body of a dead, unarmed woman?

    To all the folks who are here to say “We told you so, it’s ALL TRUMP’S FAULT” – I’m personally disgusted by your behavior. Your personal hatred of that one man has blinded you to much. As much disdain as I have for the ruling elites and folks like Biden and Pelosi and McConnell and Romney, I don’t personally hate them. Nor, despite what some people continue to try to claim, do I love or adulate Donald Trump.

    There are over 70 million people who believe the election was stolen. They’ve looked at testimony, irregular procedures or the flat out ignoring of constitutionally required procedures (such as ballots being received by certain dates or electoral college votes being certified by the legislative branch and not the executive) regarding the vote in multiple states, demonstrations of the many flaws in the voting system, VIDEO FOOTAGE combined with sworn affidavit testimony of voter fraud, numerous statistical oddities or impossibilities, and they’ve been able to conclude that there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark. Many of them are Trump groupies, yes, but many of them are protesting because THEY BELIEVE THE ELECTION WAS FRAUDALENT.

    How could one combat this? One could try by revealing the documented chain of custody for the ballots in question. One could try by conducting meaningful audits with certified observers, open and in the light, including signature verification for mail in ballots. One could willingly turn over voting system logs and servers for forensic inspections. Was any of that done? No.

    Instead, everyone, including the folks that are here to mock the concerned Americans have simply wagged their heads and said the mantra over and over and over again, “But there’s no evidence of fraud!” Yes, yes, and “Four legs good, Two Legs bad!” To say that judges looked at the evidence and rejected it is to completely ignore that almost every single case was thrown out of court on the absurd pretense that nobody in the country has the legal standing to challenge an election, no matter how shoddily run. The cases were NOT rejected for lack of evidence but for subjective legal interpretations of who, really, is being harmed if such a crime actually took place.

    So for the folks who want to blame this on Trump – a President who has been hounded, non-stop, for four years with every manner of fake attacks (the fake Russia collusion hoax, the fake Mueller investigation, the fake Ukraine impeachment, the fake “There were very fine people on both sides” lie, the fake and HIGHLY illegal Operation: Crossfire Hurricane, the fake Dept of Justice intentionally HIDING investigations on Joe Biden’s son, liars in his administration constantly leaking fake anonymous news stories which later turned out to be extreme exaggerations or total fabrications, the fake “his tax returns will show his many crimes,” and at least a dozen others). You folks are basically saying, “Yeah, we know one side lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied, but when it comes to the 2020 election, that side is ABSOLUTELY TELLING THE TRUTH NO QUETSIONS ASKED.

    Your personal hatred has blinded you to much. I am personally insulted that you side with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnel and Mitt Romney over me and any other patriot who simply insists that it’s an important thing that we can have faith in the integrity of our elections.

    And I’m not under any illusions. I have no doubts that Congress will certify the votes for Biden. If they were shown video footage of Biden personally hauling fake ballots into the polling station in a wheelbarrow, and then looking straight at the camera and saying, “I rigged this election,” and then turning around to give some highly classified Military secrets to President Xi, and then cashing a check for a million dollars from the Ukraine, and then clubbing a pack of baby seals – they’d still certify Biden. I never doubted that for a second. That doesn’t mean I can’t still recognize that the 2020 election stinks to high heaven, and that it makes our country little more than a banana republic, and that I can sympathize with patriots who are disappointed and angry enough to make the effort to go all the way to D.C. to give Congress a piece of their mind. Hey, Congress even said they liked that kind of stuff back when protestors did it during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.

    One thing I do know for sure – it’s a despicable thing to take the opportunity of an innocent woman being shot in the neck to come to Fr. Z’s blog just to gloat. I do think there is something demonic at work, and I pray that more folks are able to see things more clearly in the near future.

  23. chantgirl says:

    First, for those dismissing the claims of fraud in this election, there are hundreds of witnesses waiting to testify, and thousands of pages of documentation waiting to be read by a court. These witnesses and pages of evidence have not been debunked because they have not had a hearing in court. The courts have dismissed most cases due to lack of standing. Most of the evidence has not been heard by the general public , either, as the media have become more involved in propaganda than reporting.

    Second, many people could have prevented what happened today by just doing their job. There were many chances for many people along the way to do the right thing in this election to provide transparency and accuracy to the vote counting. So many people ignored their duty, and so many used their position to undermine the accuracy of the election. State legislatures, state courts, poll workers, the USPS, secretaries of state, congressmen, even the Supreme Court had the opportunity to provide the country with confidence concerning the vote counts. So many good men did nothing for fear of losing their jobs, or of riots.

    Third, men can only be pushed so far before they will push back. The people in this country have largely been under house arrest for almost a year. Many of them have been cut off from family, friends, church, recreation. Many of them have been told that their livelihoods are not essential. They have seen the rich get richer while the poor get poorer, and many of the middle class have joined the ranks of the poor. They have watched antifa and BLM burn and loot their cities while law enforcement stood down. They have watched those who tried to defend their businesses and homes harmed and prosecuted. They have been terrorized by doom and gloom news media. Suicides have skyrocketed. They have seen their churches closed, many of their priests in hiding while the dying went without sacraments, and the pope scolded those who complained about losing their livelihood. The one thing many felt that they could still do to make a direct difference in their lives, voting, has been shown to be a sham. Many now know that their votes do not count, and if procedures are not drastically change before the next elections, their votes may never count again. How many have been driven to the point of desperation from the combined stresses of the last year? Could we not see this coming?!

    On a side note, it’s not unheard of for leftists to infiltrate conservative events, so I have to ask, why did the “intelligent” agencies in DC not anticipate this possibility? Or did they, and was this outcome desired? Now, after the ugliness of the day, no one is going to want to investigate voter fraud, the Republican party is going to implode, the Democrats are going to be drunk with power, and the citizens will suffer.

  24. ex seaxe says:

    Craft your own version of reality.
    You are right Father to point to this as a, perhaps THE, fundamental problem. And one with, as you say, a long history! And the result as you say “to produce a couple generations of people who can’t reason, through the desensitizing of the masses to sin of all kinds on television,”
    But, from across the Atlantic, it seems to me that choosing Donald Trump as a candidate for the presidency is the ripe fruit of this. A man who, due to his upbringing, had as a matter of survival to create his own reality. His own assessment “I do not think I have ever done anything wrong”. How many of us could step into the Confessional and say that?
    I have been popping into church most days for some months to ensure a lighted candle before the statue of St Joseph. But yesterday fear of the virus caused the vicar forane to decree the locking of our churches.

  25. Grabski says:

    I don’t buy the “I’ve been warning about Trump’s character” trope

    Compared to whom, exactly? Bill Clinton? Hilary Clinton? LBJ or JFK? Richard Nixon?

    Joe “The Big Guy” Biden or Kamala Harris?

    Mitt “2012 Designated Sacrificial Lamb” Romney?
    The ostensible Christian W Bush and sidekick Dick Cheney, whose feckless wars killed Tens of thousands and destroyed Middle Eastern Christian communities?

    Stop the virtue signaling; its tedious. DC is a swamp and this planned event is just another example

    Sorry; Trump’s commitment to life was alone good enough. No one else with “sterling character” did as much. And it mattered

  26. Discipula says:

    On January 5th my parish had the Exorcism of Epiphany water and salt, our pastor had been promoting it strongly and seemed to suggest we should bring A Lot of water to be exorcised. The church was just as full as for a Mass with a solid line of bottles on the Communion rail. Part of the ceremony includes an exorcism of the people. We had lots of young families with the usual fussy children. After that exorcism there was silence. After the service, my parents walked by on their way to speak to our pastor. She told me that my youngest brother (who left the Faith years ago) has allowed his new girlfriend to move in and that she brought with her a picture of Satan. My little nephew told Mom that morning that the “ghost” in the house told him not to go to school. My brother has refused to allow his son to be baptized, but does send him to a Catholic school (possibly because public schools are closed in my state). Our pastor said to bless him with blessed oils (he had blessed oil on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe) and that as soon as one parent gives consent he will baptize my nephew. My nephew’s mother is an atheist who abandoned him over a year ago but there is a better chance she will consent than my brother. So naturally this is all on my mind as I watch the events at the Capitol building. To sum up:

    * Bad Catholics (including lapsed Catholics) attract evil.
    * The devil likes to torment children.
    * Satan hates freedom. He hates Tradition even more.
    * I expect a full on persecution before the end.
    * God is allowing this because He isn’t happy about something. Dare I suspect that the state of the Mass may have something to do with it? After all if the Eucharist is the “source and summit of our Faith” and the Mass forms our understand of the Eucharist (and Faith) – then if we have a malformed understanding of either, then isn’t the Mass at the very heart of that problem?

    Voter fraud is real and has been a problem (at least in my state of Michigan) since time out of mind. We live with it by making jokes about it, by finding other ways of solving our problems, by trying to minimize our reliance on government for everything. We also have one of the better Right to Life state organizations in the nation. It’s possible to live with corrupt politicians, it is not possible to live well without the Sacraments.

  27. Semper Gumby says:

    Kamala Harris last summer on the riots: “Everyone beware…They are not going to stop before Election Day in November, and they are not going to stop after Election Day…They’re not going to let up, and they should not.”


    Numerous Death Party politicians from Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden to “Congressmxn” to governors and mayors refused to condemn last year’s rioting that killed over thirty people and destroyed or damaged thousands of buildings. The Death Party is also exploiting the Wuhan Virus.


    Yesterday on Capitol Hill instead of using non-lethal force a government employee used live ammunition and killed an Air Force veteran.


    The craven Supreme Court, which supported slavery and supports human sacrifice, refused to hear a case last month brought by almost twenty states and over a hundred duly elected officials.


    Last November after the so-called “election” numerous demands were made by the Death Party for “Accountability Projects” and revenge. Last night the deranged ex-CIA Director John Brennan, who had his security clearance revoked by Pres. Trump (given Brennan’s Communist background he should not have had access to a phone book) stated: “Every politician, government official, journalist, & talk show host who has ignored & enabled Trump bears responsibility. You failed the test of citizenship. It is now up to you to try to redeem yourselves.” Last night the Ex-Marine Jim Mattis, who chose the ChiComs over the legacy of the Chosin Reservoir Marines, stated: “Mr. Trump will deservedly be left a man without a country.”


    An illegal, hate-mongering, human-sacrificing, domestic terrorism-supporting regime is being installed in these United States.


    This evil regime and their collaborators hate President Trump. That is not all. They also hate America and American citizens. They want your faith, your minds, your children and your firearms.

    Persevere. Fortitude. Christus Vincit.

    [Persevere. Fortitude. Christus Vincit.]

  28. SKAY says:

    iamlucky13 said:

    “A woman in the group decided to climb through one of the windows and was shot. It is distressing to recall the image of her lying on the floor dying. It might not have been necessary for the police to shoot her, but it also was not necessary nor productive for the debate to turn into such a tense confrontation. I hope hers is the only death during these events.”

    The woman was not climbing through a window when she was shot. She was standing behind the locked doors behind people standing at the door—–unarmed. The Capital Police shot through the door from the inside because the doors were locked.

    “BREAKING: Unarmed Woman Shot and Killed by Capitol Police Identified – 14-Year USAF Veteran ”
    “The young unarmed woman shot and killed by the Capitol Police on Wednesday has been identified.”
    “Ashli Babbit, a 14-year veteran from San Diego who served 4 tours with the US Air Force as a high-level security officer was killed today.”

    We are now finding out there were ANTIFA people there to cause trouble. The Trump supporters were keeping them from breaking windows. There have been two identified that were in the capital.

  29. Kerry says:

    Semper, “Ex-Marine Jim Mattis”, ouch!
    Are there now ‘TWO’ ex-Marines?

  30. Fulco One Eye says:

    I’m too old to need reassurance but reading many of the articulate man-in-the-street comments here is very reassuring. I refer to those by WVC, chantgirl, Grabski, and Semper Gumby. If I were only half as articulate.

    Tucker talks about how we must accept the neighbors we don’t like. Does he really think the left has ever had the intention of tolerating anyone who does not do exactly what they say? Can he be that naive?

  31. Joe in Canada says:

    The author of the post in Crisis undoubtedly meant “substituted power for truth”, or “replaced truth with power”.
    Pope Francis uses the word ‘discernment’ a lot. The first step is to sift through events and find facts. Was Donald Trump the ideal candidate? What were his good qualities, the qualities that drew a lot of average Americans to support him? Who next in the GOP has those qualities? Or in the Democratic Party? Were there 3rd party candidates that were better?
    Was the election stolen? That doesn’t mean it was a conspiracy. [?!? If it was stolen, it was a conspiracy.] What were the factors that led to it? Can they be fixed?
    and finally, why have we (it happens in Canada too) let this happen? Why have we let school boards and library boards and town councils be taken over by people promoting evil? Who did we expect to protect our children if we were all ‘too busy’? “The Church should do something” – yes, the bishops need to wake up, but the Church also trains and arms the laity to fight for the good and to win!

  32. JAH says:

    While Trump was not my pick for President during the primaries in 2016 I did
    vote for him in the general election because of his policies not personality. I voted for him again in 2020 because President Trump is the candidate that mostly aligns with freedom and Catholic principles the biggest being pro-life. The opposition has demonstrated many times their dislike of religion, pro-life stances, freedom, and their Machiavellian approach to elections/politics (ie FRAUD). However, what is really concerning is the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in both parties and how capitalism and democracy can be easily destroyed without any religious principles to guide them. In other words selling out your country for $$$$ whether a politician or corporations. In a capitalist society without faith people just become a commodity like Saint John Paul II warned. In the end I now think more about how our Lord must have felt when the Romans ruled his country, many of his fellow Jews collaborated, the Jewish faith was divided and confused, and it was a ruthless cruel world. Given the state of our Church, our Nation, and our world I pray and unite my anger (hopefully just), sadness, and frustration with Our Lord on His Holy Cross.

  33. Semper Gumby says:

    Fulco One Eye: Thank you for the kind word. As for Tucker, he has a reasonable point, but certainly so do you: as time goes forward we must not be naive about the intentions of the Death Party and their collaborators (or “Useful Idiots).

    Kerry: I understand, it’s unfortunate, but James Mattis brought that on himself.

    Thank God, Pres. Trump announced today he will not be attending the farcical Show Inauguration of the Biden-Harris cabal and will not lend any credibility to that travesty of justice.

    Speaking of justice, ex-Attorney General William Barr stated that the Rally in Washington DC on the 6th was a “mob.” In November 2019 Barr delivered an outstanding speech to the Federalist Society, but when the going got tough last year Barr failed to have the courage of his convictions. Barr would benefit from a better understanding of events.

    God bless Pres. Trump and First Lady Melania for their many accomplishments.

    Since 2016 and particularly since last year many malicious people crawled out of the woodwork and revealed their true natures. Excellent, better sooner rather than later.

  34. Joe in Canada says:

    what I meant was it could have been a concurrence of events (bad machines, real lost mail, corrupt officials, etc) that weren’t planning it together, but someone took advantage of it and helped it along. It didn’t have to be plotted from the start,

    [Yeah… riiiiight.]

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