A suggestion for Lent: prayer before using the internet

With the beginning of Lent, some people might reduce their use of the internet.

For those who continue, however, and who engage in any sort of social media or interactions, may I recommend prayer?

Here’s one that has become pretty popular, translated into many languages.  It has been around since the mid-90’s:



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  1. KateD says:

    Thank you, Father.

    Why is Saint Isidore the patron saint of the internet? My son got him for his saint for this year and was curious.

    We are in a rolling discussion with our teenagers about a Lenten screen fast…

    It was their suggestion….well giving up video games was, but my husband and I are not into video games. We all overuse screens. But then how does one get news, email, and if your phone is not a land line…phone calls?

    It’s strange that something that didn’t exist 20 years ago is so pervasive now.

  2. xavier says:


    Because he wrote the very first encyclopedia called Etimologia I think. He wrote about the origin of words. So by analogy the internet is like his encyclopedia :)


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