Despite rumors, TLM advances in @ArchdioceseSF

Rumor volat.  Meanwhile, our response is to push ahead relentlessly, joyfully.

We are our rites and we cannot be stopped.

I received this…

“ In celebration of the 14th anniversary of the publication of Pope Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum, St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco will host the first public Traditional Latin Mass since the current Cathedral opened in 1971.”


And…the Benedict XVI Institute continues to offer free training for priests who wish to learn the Extraordinary Form.


There is also an offer to any Bay Area priest who receives this training to also be given a set of vestments!

Also in the archdiocese, recently ordained Fr. Cameron Pollette offered his First Mass in the Extraordinary Form at (the infamous!) Star of the Sea church in San Francisco.

That’s how it’s done.

If they want some lío, we’ve got some some lío.

¡Hagan lío!

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  1. JTH says:

    The Holy Spirit at work.

    In spite of the Vatican, not because of it.

  2. Semper Gumby says:

    God bless Abp. Cordileone and faithful priests.

    Fr. Z wrote today: “Also in the archdiocese, recently ordained Fr. Cameron Pollette offered his First Mass in the Extraordinary Form at (the infamous!) Star of the Sea church in San Francisco.”

    Fr. Z wrote in 2015: “A while back I mentioned that there was going to be a “Mass Mob” at Star of the Sea parish in San Francisco to support the beleaguered priests.”

    “It seems to have been a success. I received a few photos. Here is a good one!”

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    It’s not a line we drew, they drew it. Let them enjoy the consequences.
    For our part we never felt so sure about something. Total conviction about the path forward, or perhaps, what the path forward is definitely not. You cannot and should not debate or engage with the devil. This is a time to use our God-given spiritual discernment. He gave it to us for a reason. Now we must use it.
    God be with us as we move forward.

  4. What is always interesting is how traditionalism sometimes seems to flourish the most in those places where it is most under attack. Or as the saying goes, “where sin abounds, grace overflows.” Actually, to adapt it to English cadence, I might say, “where sin abounds, grace rebounds.”

  5. cathgrl says:

    Dear any USA Priest reading this, if you’re wondering if you should take up the offer for free training in the EF, DO IT! At least attend the webinar. Sincerely, a member of the lay faithful.

  6. TonyO says:

    IF (and that’s a mighty big hypothetical “if”) the Vatican is going to issue a doc to put boundaries on Summorum, and “give authority back to the bishops”, then even so that implies that individual bishops can indeed promote TLM. And this implies that there will be ongoing need for the training and GENERAL support (i.e. continue printing missals, etc). Giving power “back to the bishops” would NOT imply a definitive game plan to completely end TLM altogether. (Maybe the Vatican wants to achieve that, but giving power to bishops won’t achieve it, and if they think it will, they have badly miscalculated.)

    Perhaps (just possibly, even if improbably) the sheer STUPIDITY and INJUSTICE of further attempts to oppress people who love TLM will push a few bishops (who now are wavering) into finally accepting and supporting TLM themselves. After all, surely (at some point) some newer bishops who don’t themselves love TLM are going to notice the facts that bishops who do support TLM get more money, more seminarians, more people going to church, more praying, more Catholic devotion, …more everything they would actually WANT if they didn’t apply a stupid paradigm such as ” ‘success’ can only mean more rock music, more clowns, and more communion wafers handed out”.

    One wonders whether the handful of remaining old-school liberals will notice and actually SPEAK OUT against the oxymoronic “logic” of a pope urging “decentralization” and “collegiality” and “synodality” and “openness to diversity” and yet absolutely stomping with hob-nailed boots all over the legitimate aspirations of loving Catholics who just want the old Mass? Of course the new red guard catholics like Beans Massimo won’t. But there are others who might. Maybe?

  7. TonyO says:

    I have seen shockingly vituperative comments against the FSSP in regards to a presumed total capitulation to the new orders. In addition to an apparent lack of charity in simply assuming something that they could wait a week or two to SEE what response FSSP will have, they appear to think that there is going to be no way out for FSSP other than to completely cave in and just accept saying the NO mass. This seems, at a minimum, ridiculously simple-minded: there is every reason to think that at least SOME of the dioceses that currently have FSSP parishes will continue to be in favor of those FSSP parishes, in the sense of continuing with the TLM. If some don’t, well, that’s stupid of them, but FSSP can depart those places and go where they will be more welcome. Surely there will be at least one or two diocesan bishops, facing closing YET ANOTHER parish for lack of priests, would rather get a pair of FSSP priests and keep the place open, and simply NOT MUCH CARE that these priests would want to say TLM. Especially if (a) he didn’t have to pay for those priests’ seminary training, and (b) those priests’ health insurance and retirement plan are taken care of by the order rather than by the diocese. While some younger bishops might even worry about the negative pressure he might get (from other bishops) for doing this, surely some of the older bishops who are just a year or two from retirement and in ill health (knowing they are not going to become bishop of a bigger diocese), might just blow off such pressure as irrelevant to their own behavior.

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  9. Chrissin says:

    Cordileone=Heart of a Lion

  10. JonPatrick says:

    TLM is advancing in my particular corner of the Northeast US. Our monthly First Saturday Mass is about to become a Missa Cantata and there is talk of adding a monthly Sunday Mass. Brick by brick.

  11. avavuris says:

    Fr. Z. I will be attending this Mass. I hope this communication finds you well.

    Yours for God and County,

    Andrew Vavuris

  12. avavuris says:

    A beautiful and reverent event!
    Mass intention: Regular sacrifices of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form at St. Mary’s Cathedral.

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