What news did my mail and chat bring me today?

What news did my mail and chat bring me today?

Corriere della Sera has, in Italian, Francis’ remarks on the airplane ride back to Rome after his trip in E. Europe.

UPDATE: The Vatican Press Office official transcript HERE – in some respects even worse than the CdS.

Some points.

Mind you, some will read his remarks and will – rightly – say that Francis didn’t quite say that.   And, true enough, if you read very closely you can find a way out of the plain meaning of his words.  The plain meaning.   It is the plain meaning, not the nuanced escape, that will be picked up by the Fishwrap (I haven’t looked today but they probably still have the conga line going.), the papalatrous, the New catholic Red Guards and flung into the teeth of anyone who cites Catholic teaching.  The Church could teach something clearly for a thousand years, but one comment on an airplane overturns everything.  Their explanation?  “Shut up!”, they explain.

So… some points:

  • He promotes “the jab” without reserve.
  • He took a cheap shot at Card. Burke, who had COVID-1984.
  • He basically says we have to give pro-abortion politicians Communion or we are being political, not pastoral.  It’s what God would do.
  • He compared denial of Communion the 1572 St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre and to burning witches.
  • He approved of same-sex legal unions.
  • In Slovakia he publicly rehabilitated a bishop dismissed in 2012 who had created a network of homosexual priests. This in La Nuova BussolaHERE.

Meanwhile, he has cruelly trampled on the hearts of the faithful who merely desire traditional liturgical worship.

I note with fairness that Francis clearly states that a civil union is not sacramental matrimony and that abortion is homicide.  But it shouldn’t ever be in question that popes would hold to those truths.

I will close the combox on this one.

Take some time time to read Andrea Gagliarducci’s Monday column.  HERE   Whew… “Pope King”.

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