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Powerful denunciation of Traditionis custodes … by a bishop.

At Rorate, Peter Kwasniewski posted a translation of a powerful denunciation of Traditiones custodes – Francis’ Plessy v Ferguson attack on the Benedict’s Emancipation Proclamation Summorum Pontificum. The text is a workshop on what is wrong in Rome, what is right … Read More

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Francis’ Four Postulates from his programmatic encyclical “Evangelii gaudium”

At Rorate today there is a piece, the title of which called to mind something I’ve posted in the past.  The interesting part of the title… “Strong Communiqué of the Chartres Pilgrimage: “Clericalism-Caudillism never works well…” Note “Caudillism”.  Caudillismo. This … Read More

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Wherein Jesuit Fr Thomas Reese kicks in a goal for the other team

Archlib Jesuit (tautology?) Fr. Thomas Reese at RNS has perhaps scored an auto-goal (aka own goal). In a plaintive mewl, Reese laments the cool reception and, I suppose, implied resistance to Francis.  “It’s the beginning of the end!” Get this: … Read More

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4 July 21 – Francis undergoing surgery

Bottom line: on 4 July in the afternoon, Francis went to the Gemelli Polyclinic for surgery for symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon.  When that surgery will take place is not yet known.  

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Looking into Francis’ hand-written letter to Martin

People have asked my about the hand-written letter from Francis to the Jesuit homosexualist activist Fr James Martin.  Austin Ruse has a good piece about it HERE Ruse does an autopsy on this letter and its meaning, especially the by … Read More

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The question of “two Popes” bothers a lot of people. Some thoughts.

Today, the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, is also the 70th anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s ordination to the priesthood. It seems a propitious a day to deal with questions that pepper my inbox.  Questions about Benedict’s resignation. The … Read More

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“The constant negativity directed to us priests by…” Wherein Fr. Z relates, reacts, reflects and rants.

At Catholic World Report, Fr. Peter Stravinskas offers a reflection on the way Francis seems constantly to denigrate and insult priests affects both morale and vocations. His observations coincide with my own.  One of things he said struck a strong … Read More

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Of gauntlets, spaghetti wall art, and St. Robert Bellarmine

The other day I posted about Antonio Socci’s remarks at Libero about the Benedict XVI piece in Corriere della Sera. HERE  I also posted about a new book by Lamont and Pierantoni which is a provocative compendium about Francis.  HERE  I … Read More

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A different compendium

Yesterday, I posted about Socci’s views on who the true Pope may be.  HERE.  A couple days ago, I posted about the new highly critical Compendium about the odd teachings of Francis, HERE.  In that post, I said that, if … Read More

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Antonio Socci on the recent Corriere piece with and about Benedict XVI

Marco Tosatti has posted on his site an English translation of Antonio Socci’s latest, which was in Libero.  It’s all about the recent Benedict XVI “interview” posted by Corriere della Sera. Tosatti points out that Corriere turned non-news into the headline … Read More

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NEW COMPENDIUM BOOK: Defending the Faith against Present Heresies….

Since the Church’s earliest days, even in the Letters of Paul, there developed a genre of writing adversus haereses, against heresies.  The reason is obvious:  Christ is the Truth.  With the exception of those on the ideological Left regarding elections, Christians … Read More

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POLL: Who is Pope? – UPDATES

UPDATE 4 March 17:00 EST Some post-poll house-cleaning. First, I am going to reduce some of the screen shot, so this post isn’t so overloaded. Next, Ann Barnhardt had a wrap-up about the poll at here place. HERE She has … Read More

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The best thing I’ve seen, so far, about the infamous McCarrick Report: ‘Status quaestionis’ and sign posts for reform.

Sadly, I have found so far one of the best examinations of the infamous McCarrick Report. My own stomach-turning look at the Report left me with the impression that whoever assembled it had the primary objective of shielding Francis through … Read More

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Your Sunday Sermon Notes – Christ the King (NO: 30th Ordinary) 2020 – POLL: Francis same-sex unions topic during homily?

Was there a GOOD point made in the sermon you heard at the Mass for your Sunday, either live or on the internet? Let us know what it was. Also, are you churches opening up? What was attendance like? For … Read More

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Venezuelan dictator Maduro cites Francis to promote same-sex marriage legislation

The other day I posted my thoughts about the dreadfully confusing and anxiogenic remarks on video made by Francis in which he obviously condoned same-sex civil unions, as he has done in the past.  HERE Some have tried to explain … Read More

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FAIL! @JamesMartinSJ claims you can’t dismiss false teaching on same-sex unions because Francis developed doctrine. Wherein Fr. Z Rants

Jesuit homosexualist activist James Martin said this on CNN: “[Pope Francis] may have in a sense, as we say in the church, developed his own doctrine. We have to reckon with the fact that the head of the church has … Read More

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Jesuits PROMOTE “Pachamama Day”. I am not making this up. Vatican “Earth Mother” coin.

Pachamama… this is a demon cult from S. America. Pachamama was venerated in an obvious pagan rite in the Vatican Gardens at the opening of the 2019 Synod of Bishops. At the close of the Synod a ritual Pachamama cult … Read More

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A curious feature of #FratelliTutti – self-referential

Today I saw a fascinating tweet from my friend Bree Dail.   She reposted “metadata” someone posted about citations in Francis’ new  Tutti Frutti… Frutti Fratelli… Fratelli Tutti….  Follow for the original by Catholic librarian Sharon Kabel. Citations in papal documents are of … Read More

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An introduction to #FratelliTutti by @DrSamuelGregg

To all the people who are asking me to comment on Tutti Frutti… Frutti Fratelli… Fratelli Tutti… I suggest my friend Sam Gregg’s solid introduction to the document at Catholic World Report. A few of his comments follow.  And, while … Read More

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100th Birthday of St. John Paul II. Wherein Fr. Z muses and reminisces.

Today is the 100th Birthday of the late Pope St. John Paul II. Recently Pope Benedict XVI wrote a letter to the Church of Poland in honor of this anniversary. In the letter he seemed to have argued in favor … Read More

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