Daily Rome Shot 314

Reviving a faded devotion.

Photo by The Great Roman™

Use your phone’s camera

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  1. JamesF-J says:

    I went along expecting Low Mass for St Anthony Maria Claret and instead Solemn Mass of the Holy Redeemer w superb chant and polyphony and w several VEC semimarians present. Beautiful

  2. UncleBlobb says:

    Father and all: Might there be more information online about this devotion, please?

  3. Gab says:

    Okay, I admit it, I have no idea what this devotion is about. Can anyone explain, please?

  4. Benedict Joseph says:

    If I had to make a guess I think this could be San Crisogono, a small basilica in Trastevere in the possession of the Trinitarian Fathers. The small scapular around the neck of Our Lord in the painting appears to have the red and blue cross found on the Trinitarian habit. Blessed Anna Maria Taigi relics are found there. There is a beautiful statue of Our Lord there as well, red tunic, hands bound, with a larger scapular around His neck. I too would be interested in finding out more about this specific devotion.
    “Rome Shots” is one of my favorite features here at Father Z’s site. I’m always a bit frustrated that the identity of the location is not cited but then again it makes it rather fun. It is such a wonderful city. Every corner provides a deep delight — it almost doesn’t matter what you are looking at. It use to be a small slice of Heaven for me — I’ll keep my distance for the foreseeable future.

  5. UncleBlobb says:

    Thanks, Benedict Joseph, for seeing the Trinitarian cross on the scapular in the image, which I had missed. It’s likely that the Trinitarian scapular or “white scapular” is the devotion or is at least part of it. There is also the Chapel of Jesus the Nazarene in the church of San Crisogono, which may also be related. Any more information would be appreciated.

  6. prayfatima says:

    I like the “Rome Shots” too. My guess here is a simple one: revive the devotion of bringing flowers to our Lord? I have not watched the video yet so that’s all I can guess!

  7. rhurd says:

    Hi, All.
    I would guess this is a painting of St. Jude Thaddeus, whose feast day is tomorrow (October 28th). I read that relics of him and St. Simon are enclosed under the altar of St. Joseph in St. Peters and that there is a mosaic of both these saints near there, but this is not a mosaic.
    From the associated video (featuring the classical Roman vestments) I would suspect the service is in the Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini Church near the Ponto Sixto which leads into Trastevere.
    When I was a boy, the Dominican Fathers had a perpetual novena to St. Jude in progress, since Jude had the reputation of the Patron Saint of Lost Causes.
    That’s my guess anyway.
    [I missed the Trinitarian cross. I think it’s always red and blue.]

  8. This is the devotion to “Gesù Nazareno Riscattato… Jesus the Nazarean Ransomed”.

    Benedict Joseph, above, was onto it. This has Trinitarin origins.

    In 1681 the Spanish fortress in Morocco, La Marmora, was taken by Berbers and retaken the next year. The Trinitarians took the slaves they ransomed back to Spain. When ever there were such returns of slaves to freedom, the Trinitarians held processions in honor of the Trinity. The ransomed slaves would go in the procession with the Trinitarian scapular and a statue of Christ, also with a scapular was placed with honor in the Trinitarians church in Madrid.

    In Rome there is a miraculous image of Gesù Nazareno Riscattato is at Santa Maria in Monticelli. In 1854 the image opened its eyes in the presence of many people. As a result this image is held in high honor by the people in that part of Rome, and especially at the nearby Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Santissima Trinità dei Pelegrini, which is the Vetus Ordo parish in Rome guided by priests of the FSSP.

    The Feast of Gesù Nazareno Riscattato is 23 October.

  9. UncleBlobb says:

    What a wonderful devotion. Thank you, Father Z., and God bless you! Also, Happy Birthday!

  10. Cincture says:

    “which is the Vetus Ordo parish in Rome guided by priests of the FSSP.
    The Feast of Gesù Nazareno Riscattato is [was] 23 October.”
    Message projected and welcomed! And prayed for hence.

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