St. John Chrysostom: Patron Saint of Telling It Like It Is: ordination of women

I have some great quotes from St. John Chrysostom, Patron of Telling It Like It Is.

On the Priesthood 3,9:

The divine law has indeed excluded women from the priesthood, but they endeavor to thrust themselves into it; and since they can do nothing by themselves, they attempt this through the agency of others. These women have become invested with so much power that they can appoint or eject priests at their will:


It would be better if men were to rule instead of women, because the latter have not received a commission to teach. Why do I say teach? For the blessed Paul did not permit them even to speak in the Church! But I have heard someone say that these women have obtained such a large privilege of free speech that they even rebuke the prelates of the church, and censure them more severely than masters do their own servants.

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