Bp. Schneider interviewed – VIDEO and new book, “The Catholic Mass”

We are our rites.

Liturgy is doctrine… is identity… is life choices.

The only way to turn things around is to turn our sacred liturgical worship around… including turning in back to God, in more than one way.

Attacks on the traditional Roman Rite is proof that this is the key that the modernists know must be used to lock the treasury and then broken.  Otherwise, they won’t succeed in forcing their agenda on the Church and the world through the Church.

His Excellency Most Reverend Athanasius Schneider was interviewed for a Crisis podcast.

His Excellency’s book from the ever more valuable Sophia Press


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  1. MB says:

    If your way is better, show me. What mark of holiness has appeared in your life?

    [ALL: I sense she is here to pick a fight. FWIW]

  2. Patrick-K says:

    MB, think about what has happened in the Church after the introduction of the new Mass, is any of it positive, at all? Maybe you can point to certain areas of Africa and Asia where Catholicism is growing. Otherwise, it’s been a total disaster by any metric: ordinations, Mass attendance, schools, weddings, belief in core doctrines like the Real Presence, the influence of the Church in society, and so on.

  3. Rich Leonardi says:

    If your way is better, show me. What mark of holiness has appeared in your life?

    It’s always good to hear from one’s superiors.

  4. Felipe says:


    It’s like me trying to convince my children why frozen Dino nuggets aren’t better than chicken cordon bleu. Yes it’s almost the same, but if you actually try it you’ll love it.

    The Latin Mass has helped me in my spiritual journey become more deeply in love with Christ. Every rubric in the Holy Mass is important…. Because God finds me important, and every single person His son died for important. I’m not insignificant, nor are the details of what makes the TLM different than the Novus Ordo.. If you love Jesus Christ, you’ll love the TLM.

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