Daily Rome (not) Shot – 502 – bonus pics

The first part of the first part of the trip draws to its conclusion.  We now transfer to another location and start exploring there.   Afterward, a brief couple of days in a famous city and then on to Rome for the Roman Sojourn, to which the wavy flag is dedicated.Please remember me when shopping online. Thanks in advance.US HERE – UK HERE

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  1. PostCatholic says:

    Is the Shroud on display there? It’s one of the most interesting artifacts of the medieval world (or earlier, if you so believe).

    [Not on display. Pretty obviously not medieval.]

  2. PostCatholic says:

    How so? (If you mean that you believe it to be the burial cloth of Jesus, I don’t ask this in order to dispute you. I understand it to be quite an enigmatic object even to science.)

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