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My View For Awhile: heading south… still

Still heading south, lingering in Florence. Here is something instructive about the famous flood of the Arno. A beautiful Mary and St. Filip Neri, my patron, near the street “dei Neri”, his family and where he grew up. See that … Read More

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30 May – St. Joan of Arc, Virgin: Martyrology, Marvelous reading, Movies

  As I am travelling, allow me on this feast of St. Joan of Arc, to repost an oldie. I think that St. Joan is a great model for young people of both sexes.  And there is nothing “woke” or … Read More

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Of Canons and Wiffle Ball

Except to point out some great organ playing, I think this will speak for itself.

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New members of the College of Cardinals

I’ve been asked quite a few times today what I thought about the new “red hat” list for the College of Cardinals. I simply laughed. The ploy and play of the list is so obvious that it is hardly to … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! Must see brief VIDEO Alert! What was done to the Mass?

Part 2 of the trilogy Mass of Ages is out. I have some mixed feelings about this second part, to which I will perhaps give voice in the future. Keep in mind that I’ve been writing and commenting on these … Read More

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