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ARIZONA: Abortion Pill Rescue Network

Some of you will have heard of Heartbeat International, an organization that helps small clinics for women. Fantastic. They are also handling the nationwide network of doctors which can prescribe the REVERSAL process of the abortion pill. This DYI abortion … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Can Catholics still get married with the Traditional Latin rite of Matrimony?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Does Traditions custodes in any way change the position of the traditional rite of marriage as related to the requirement to observe canonical form? Can a Catholic still marry validly and licitly in the older rite? … Read More

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Daily Rome (not) Shot – 501 – bonus pics

I use this portable router and WIFI hotspot when I travel in these USA and abroad.  Fast enough for Zoom.  I can also connect my DMR (ham radio) through it.  If you use my link, they reward me with more … Read More

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Concerning the Traditional Latin Mass in Washington D.C.

The effects of the cruel Traditionis custodes are widespread. Here is an excerpt from an email, followed by a link to a blog post about the D.C. situation regarding the Vetus Ordo. We are praying hard for the Cardinal at this time. … Read More

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