Daily Rome (not) Shot – 504 – bonus pics

The Heartbeat trail continues!

Today San Fruttuoso, which is reachable mainly by boat.  It’s an old monastery, alas, not any longer.  The water is amazing.

We went off the track a bit to find a place that made that made the most amazing lasagne with pesto that I have ever had.  So, light, delicate.   It was the Platonic form of pesto and lasagne.

Plenty of mudbugs, including the illusive moscardini, just starting to be fishable.

Sea candy!

Bonus video still uploading…. grrrr

The Phoenix men’s choir Floriani joined us and they are doing “flash chants” in churches and squares.


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  1. hfspur says:

    Hi Father,

    We are friends with one of the couples in your group who are from South Carolina.

    We actually hiked from Santa Margharita to San Frutuoso and back during one of our trips to the Italian Riveria. It was a grueling hike, but we loved the setting of the old monastery. Your pictures bring back great memories!

  2. jameeka says:

    Wow! You and they are so fortunate! Thank you for sharing this heavenly feast.

  3. johnwmstevens says:

    Thanks for posting this. Simply beautiful.

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