Swiss Bishop abolishes office of diocesan exorcist. What could go wrong?

And to think that I have a priest friend in the Diocese of Chur.  To think that Archbp. Wolfgang Haas was once Bishop of Chur.

The Diocese of Chur includes Zürich. Three famous Benedictine abbeys are in the diocese Einsiedeln, Engelberg, and Disentis as is the shrine of St Nicholas of Flüe.

From LifeSite.

Swiss bishop Joseph Maria Bonnemain of the Diocese of Chur has abolished the office of exorcist in his diocese.

Bonnemain said in an interview with SRF that there would be “normal solutions” for most problems that people have and that he has “never been confronted with a person” that needed a major exorcism.

“For many questions, we do not need to look for extraordinary causes, rather we are all human beings who have strengths and weaknesses in ourselves, who are confronted with difficult family, social, and professional situations,” Bonnemain told SRF. “And there are normal solutions for this, i.e. medical, psychological, psychotherapeutic, and one does not need to want to find secret causes.”

The essence of Modernism is the reduction of the supernatural to the natural.

Bishop Bonnemain is well-known for his heterodox positions.?The Swiss Opus Dei bishop expressed support for same-sex unions and knowingly gave Holy Communion to non-Catholics during his ordination ceremony.

Furthermore, the Swiss prelate has been accused by priests in his diocese of implementing “LGBT ideology” in the Church “under the guise of preventing sexual assault.”?Bonnemain has also been accused by two groups of lay Catholics of knowingly tolerating liturgical?abuse in the form of women “concelebrating” at Catholic Masses in his diocese.

In October of this year, Bonnemain failed to correct one of his employees who endorsed the use of pornography.

Bonnemain was appointed by Pope Francis as Bishop of Chur in February 2021.

Does this say something about the direction Opus Dei has gone?

Apart from that, I have a sneaking suspicion that most bishops don’t know what exorcism is, or what the differences are between minor exorcisms, the exorcisms in the traditional baptismal rites, the exorcisms used in some blessings and, especially, the differences between chapters 2 and 3 of the older Rituale Romanum and what is in the different Appendices of the post-Conciliar book.

That said, the chief exorcist of every diocese is the diocesan bishop.   So…

Glückwunsch, Eure Exzellenz!

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  1. Imrahil says:

    There is some chance that people who either do need or think they need an exorcist would, perhaps, not show up in Chur anyway when it’s a half-an-hour car drive from Vaduz.

    Independent of that, all these things from an Opus Dei bishop does seem rather strange to me.

  2. APX says:

    Isn’t the Bishop the Exorcist by nature of his Office as Bishop?

  3. Danteewoo says:

    “Bishop Bonnemain … knowingly gave Holy Communion to non-Catholics during his ordination ceremony.” Cardinal Ratzinger did something similar, and Paul VI gave Communion to a Protestant as he celebrated her wedding to a Catholic.

    [Will you now explain what your point is?]

  4. B says:

    I was floored to read that he is from Opus Dei!

  5. Son of Saint Alphonsus says:

    I guess I’m not surprised. In my 9 years of formation the diabolical and exorcism was hardly mentioned at all. We were “instructed” that the exorcisms in the Rite of Baptism are really just blessings, that possession was really a psychological problem, and there are no such beings as Satan, demons, or even angels. We were taught this in a Catholic seminary!

    Satan’s greatest triumph is the denial of his existence. No one does battle against him. He’s free to run rampant. Sancte Mi?chael Archa?ngele, defe?nde nos!

  6. Mike says:

    “Does this say something about the direction Opus Dei has gone?”

    Hmm. Perhaps. But they didn’t make him a bishop, and one sample does not a trend make.

    Very sad, though.

  7. Simon_GNR says:

    I’m trying to understand how such unsuitable, heterodox men as Bishop Bonnemain ever become bishops. He doesn’t seem to believe in Catholic doctrine and places little value on time-honoured, traditional and efficacious Catholic remedies for human disorders. What does he make of the Gospel stories of Christ driving out demons from people possessed by evil spirits? If he doesn’t believe the Holy Gospel why is he even a priest?
    The Church in Western Europe, including Great Britain and Ireland, appears to have had a corporate mental breakdown since Vatican II, especially in the last 30 years. It’s like an old person who has had a severe stroke and is in mental and physical decline, a decline that will shortly result in death. By what they say and do, many of the bishops don’t seem to believe what they are supposed to be preaching and are, I think, perhaps failing to prevent many souls going to Hell. Do they not care where souls go to after death? It appears not.

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