Daily Rome Shot 649

Photo by The Great Roman™

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NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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In chess news, no news is some news.  A tweet appeared on the feed of the actress who played Beth Harmon in super-popular (and very well-done) series The Queen’s Gambit, from a book by Walter Trevis.  US HERE – UK HERE  There was a fluffy of excitement at the prospect.  Then the actress tweeted that her account was hacked and that there are no plans for series 2.  The moral of the story, be care with your online accounts.  Use strong passwords with VPNs.  And…


Many thanks to a couple of you who have recently sent things from my wish list.  I got a gift card slated for kitcheny things and regular list watch and guardian angel sent some houseworky items.   I installed a wi-fi extendery gadget (speaking of internet security) for dead spots and I look forward to the arrival of a couple of books.

In other more arcane Catholic news, my spies tell me that the UK’s Catholic Herald has been acquired by a US concern.

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  1. DCLex says:

    Rc8+ NxR

  2. Synonymous_Howard says:

    1. Rc8+ Nxc8 (forced)
    2. Qd8#

  3. Neal says:

    1. Rc8+ Nxc8
    2. Qd8#

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