Fr. John Hollowell’s brain tumor was miraculously healed at Lourdes.

Let’s be clear about something.  If we do not ask for miracles, it is unlikely that they will be granted.

Fr. John Hollowell has a brief video to explain that his brain tumor, which had returned, was miraculously healed through Our Lady of Lourdes.

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  1. rwj says:

    Now that’s GREAT NEWS!

    Our Lady is awesome! May Christ be always praised!

  2. Gab says:

    All honour and glory to Thee, O Almighty God.

  3. BeatifyStickler says:

    Praise God!! This fine Priests’ sincerity and character is a gift to the Church. Awesome news, especially in light of all the other drab we have been hearing. Truly awesome news!!

  4. Cornelius says:

    Great news. I was just reflecting on the Wedding at Cana Gospel reading for last Sunday and how it shows (inter alia) that the Blessed Mother is THE most powerful intercessor.

    If you can convince her to take up your petition, consider it done.

  5. Jenson71 says:

    Just a month ago, 60 Minutes on CBS had a very respectable segment on Lourdes, with interviews of a nun who was cured and the investigators.

  6. grateful says:

    Yes, the power of one Hail Mary (2minute video)

  7. Irish Timothy says:

    Thank you for posting this Father, what great news indeed! All we hear these days unfortunately inside and outside the Church….from the MSM….on social media….at times from from friends and neighbours… seems is more bad news than good. This miracle healing is proof that there is plenty of good news out there and it comes from God and God alone. And once again our Blessed Mother has interceded to show the glory of God. Amazing!!!

  8. Philliesgirl says:

    Fantastic news. Thank you Blessed Mother. Praise the Lord

  9. chantgirl says:

    Thank you, Lord, and Mother Mary!!

  10. Felipe says:

    What a great blessing!! I hope that many souls are converted and won for Christ through this humble priest’s witness and ministry! I didn’t know all that info regarding the Mayo Clinic, pretty cool.

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