Daily (sort of) Rome Shot 629

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Okay… maybe not of Rome itself, but it’s Roman right down to the maniple.  My sender wrote:

The TLM is so alive that the superhero-priests in children’s books are wearing maniples. I think we’re winning.

Yes, we are winning.  In the ways that matter, we are winning.

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Meanwhile, …

Take stock. Passed pawns on both sides, well advanced. Opposite color bishops. White’s King is exposed. So is black’s. Rooks are looking at other.

And it’s black to move.

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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  1. Cliff says:

    1. Rxc5 Bxc5
    2. e3+ Kh2
    3. e2 Bc2 or Bb4-I think Bb4 is the better move. It leaves the bishop threatening both pawns, rather than just one.
    4. d3 a6
    5. h5 xh5
    6. xh5 a7
    7. Kh7 Kg2
    8. Kg6 Kf2
    9. I think I’ve gone off the rails. Someone save me.

  2. Take stock. Passed pawns on both sides, well advanced. Opposite color bishops. White’s King is exposed and is being looked at through black’s pawn and rook by the light square bishop. But that hanging black bishop is being x-rayed to the back rank and check mate for white. The rooks are looking at each other.

    And it’s black to move.

    Lot’s of possibilities.

    Advancing the pawn toward promotion?

    1. … d3 then
    2. Rxc6 (threatens mate) h5
    3. Bc1 d2
    4. Bxd2 Rxd2 (white now has a winning game with the pawns, black’s e pawn is slower than white’s a pawn, which promotes with check)

    1. … e3 then
    2. Bf8! (if Kxf8 then 3. Rc8#) Rd8
    3. Bc5 (xrays the pawns) e2
    4. Bb5

    1. … Rd6 (defends the bishop)
    2. a6 (or Kg1)

    1. … Rxc5
    2. Bxc5 e3+? (3. Kg1 and the black pawns are toast 3… e2 4. Kf2

    1. … Rxc5
    2. Bxc5 d3! (forces!)
    3. Be3? d2!
    4. Bxd2 e3!# (discovered check from the bishop!)
    5. Kg1 exd7 and the next move promotes

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