Daily Rome Shot 651


White to move and force mate… good luck. It took me while.

NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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Some years ago I saw that there was a “kickstart” project to make an online game based on the weird little characters in the margins of medieval manuscripts. The game has finally arrived. It’s slightly clunky but it is amusing. They have some deeply stupid spiritual/historical inaccuracies, but… hey. Stupid is as stupid does.

The game is called Inkulinati.  It seems to be a play on “illuminated” manuscript, and “born” from “ink”.

Here are a couple of screen shots.  There is a knight against… really… St. Hildegard.  You acquire “living ink” to draw your battling characters, which you push around.

There is a blue snail that can eat just about anything.

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  1. Unfinished says:

    Marginalia Hero on mobile is another silly game based on the things monks drew in the margins. Very simple and mind numbing, but worth a few rounds on the bus or something.

  2. Synonymous_Howard says:

    This one took a while to figure out.
    1. Nf5+ exf5 (if the king runs, 2. Rd8 is mate)
    2. exf6+! (the first tricky move) Kf8
    3. Rxc6! (sacrificing the rook to stop Be8, which wrecks all your plans) Rxc6
    4. Rd8#

  3. White to move. White’s knight is hanging.

    1. Nf5+ Ke8
    2. Rd8#

    1. Nf5+ Kf8
    2. Rd8+ Be8

    1. Nf5+ Kf8
    2. Rxc6 exf5
    3. exf6

    1. Nf5+ exf5
    2. exf6+ Kf8
    3. Rxc6! Re8
    4. Rcc8!

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