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Card. Eijk phasing out Communion services on weekends.

This is for either your “Too Little Too Late” file or your “Better Latin Than Never” file, depending on your predominant world view. HERE Wim Card. Eijk of the Archdiocese of Utrecht published a plan called “Continue doing this in … Read More

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Blog’s “forbidden” messages

I’ve been told by a couple of readers that they were “forbidden” to a) register to comment and b) use the search bar at the top of the right side side bar. We think the culprit is the CleanTalk plugin … Read More


IMPORTANT BOOK: Does Traditionis Custodes Pass the Juridical Rationality Test? (VIDEO)

Does Traditionis Custodes Pass the Juridical Rationality Test? by Fr. Réginald-Marie Rivoire FSVF and Fr. William Barker FSSP US HERE – UK HERE

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Here’s a bishop doing something good!

May I suggest that you add this bishop to your list of those for whom you regularly pray? Pray especially for his protection from the Enemy and his human agents in the Church. The new and young bishop of Columbus … Read More

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Concerning fasting during Lent, fasting and abstinence on Ash Wednesday, eating endothermic moonfish, drinking coffee, and YOU

If you are serious as a Catholic, you know at all times what is on the calendrical horizon. If you are a follower of the Vetus Ordo of the Roman Church, you have additional help by means of the “gesima” … Read More

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Daily Rome Shot 665

Photo by The Great Roman™ Welcome new registrants: Lbr1946 SadMom Francis K of C JonS Please remember me when shopping online. Thanks in advance. US HERE – UK HERE  These links take you to a generic “catholic” search in Amazon, but, once in … Read More


Wherein Fr. Z rants about clericalism

At Crisis there is a good article: Clericalism Is Dead. Long Live Clericalism! The writer, a priest, explores what real clericalism is all about. It is NOT what libs say it is, by the way. Long-time readers here will recall … Read More

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