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White to move.  This one was really hard for me.

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NB: I’ll hold comments with solutions ’till the next day so there won’t be “spoilers” for others.

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  1. Neal says:

    What’s the solution?

  2. White to move. (How did black’s King get to a1?!?) Look for forcing moves.

    1. Rg1+ Kb2
    2. Rg7 (threatens b7 fork) Bh3 (if 3. Rxb8 Bg2+ forcing 4. Kxg2 leading to stale mate or draw with careful play)
    3. Rh7 Bf1
    4. Rb7+ Ka3 (if 5. Rxb8 then Bg2 etc.)
    5. Kf2 Bh3
    6. Rxb8 (if black can manage to get white’s light B off the board, there will be a stalemate with precise play)

  3. Dustin F, OCDS says:

    Black’s best chance to win comes from promoting the pawn. For white, why 1. Rg1+, followed by 2. Rg7? If Rg1 is met with Kb2, that improves the position of the black king – Kb2 is a better square for the king in regard to escorting the pawn to a1.

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