Card. Sarah on what the Church “tragically” needs today

From the introduction of Cardinal Sarah’s new book.

When priests offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass unworthily, when they give the Eucharistic Jesus to sinners who have no intention of asking Him to forgive their sin’s or of living according to the gospel, they betray Jesus once again. When Mass, for the priest, has become a theater, a social gathering, an entertainment in which he behaves like the variety-show host who has to resort to his personal creativity in order to make the atmosphere interesting and attractive; when he indulges in cultural adaptations, personal explanations, and commentaries instead of making room for the ineffable groanings of the Holy Spirit present in every Eucharistic celebration, what becomes of the faith of the faithful? At the heart of the Eucharist, the priest must experience the unique power of silent adoration and have at heart a prayer that, in all its aspects, is conformed to the prayer that Jesus addresses to His Father. We have enough eminent specialists and doctors in the ecclesiastical sciences. What the Church tragically needs today is men of God, men of faith, and priests who adore in spirit and in truth.

A book with which to follow Jesus by means of the seven sacraments

The modest purpose of this volume is to accompany all those who have set their hearts on responding to God’s love with a full, happy, fruitful life that will culminate in the eternal happiness of contemplating Him. The book was born of the desire to help them make an interior journey of spiritual ascent, so as to open up for them the possibility of a life-changing encounter.

Catechism of the Spiritual Life


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  2. Eugene says:

    Holy God, Father in heaven please please I beg you once more to bring this great and true Shepherd of souls to the throne of Peter for we are completely lacking true shepherding at this dark and dangerous time in Your church. In the name of Jesus I ask this.
    Mary Mother of Mercy and of the church and St. Joseph patron of the universal church please intercede for this!

  3. Cornelius says:

    We could do a lot worse than Cardinal Sarah as Pope.

  4. mburduck says:


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