Highly recommended: Archbp. Aquila’s response to Card. McElroy’s errors.

A short time ago, Card. McElroy of that super-important see of San Diego, issued a seriously dreadful opinion piece at Jesuit-run (who else?) Amerika. HERE Responses to his confusing and erroneous notions streamed forth, for example HERE. They can be multiplied. It would be good to do that in the combox for the record.

Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Denver has a response at Catholic World Report. It is made even more powerful by the fact of his personal testimony.

Highly recommended.

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  1. anj says:

    It is sad the Bonhoeffer is the go to example this Catholic bishop raises in this piece to bring him back to the Catholic faith. However, at least the Lutheran theologian knew the basics of Christianity, which is more than can be said of the new Cardinal.

  2. TheCavalierHatherly says:

    There’s an old Roman saying: “Aquila non capit muscas,” but I suppose exceptions should be made when they buzz right next to a microphone.

  3. Gab says:

    Reading Archbishop Samuel Aquila’s response is like balm to the soul. May he be blessed forever.

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