From “The Private Diary of Bishop F. Atticus McButterpants” – 23-05-21 – Cufflinks

May 2st, 2023

Dear Diary,

Yesterday and that “passionate” question got me thinking about my cufflinks.  They’ve almost all have great memories for me because they were mostly given.  Anyway, I went to look at them and counted 50 pairs.  A couple favs are those nice ones with black onyx when I was ordained a priest. When I made bishop, I got ones with amethysts, and one set with my coat of arms on them because that’s what the other guys get.   There’s shop in Rome where they make these things.  Who knew?  Thinking ahead – maybe a over optimistical – I think Jack “Daniels” got those ones with red garnets. I have some fun ones with dice that I used to wear at those Vegas nights. I have ones with ducks when I hang out with those rich guys who always go hunting. I also put them on when Jude’s around or I have to go over to Black Duck.  HA!   And he’s seen them.  I have some simple gold ones with tiny little diamonds – I wear those when I have to talk about the diocesan fundraiser or any budget stuff or when I visit the soup kitchens since they’re the not too flashy. I really think they’re all beautiful.  They make me happy.

I remember Msgr. Gilligan in the seminary told us once that all men tend to collect things as they get older. Married men have wives to keep them from getting too weird, but we don’t. He told us “find something you’re really interested in and collect that, but don’t be too weird.” Cufflinks. Why not?  That’s a passion and I don’t think that’s too weird.

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  1. I’m picturing trying to keep a big string of Snickers bars from Chester.

    I’m not sure that even Fr. Gilbert could manage that.

  2. redneckpride4ever says:

    Seeing how +McButterpants is an ecumenical sort of clergyman, I’m sure he’s visited a snake handling church at some point. Maybe your mole can dig up an entry on this?

    Makes me wonder if Chester met his match meeting a rattlesnake…

  3. Not says:

    I wonder how many pairs of black trousers does
    Bishop McFattypants have that don’t fit his large getty anymore?

  4. Saint110676 says:

    Until a few years ago (or maybe a few decades ago), cufflinks with a cross or initials were common ordination or ordination anniversary gifts so it is easy for many of us, like +Atticus, to have a collection.

  5. Saint11: Yes, cufflinks have been perennial gifts for priests. I understand exactly where +F.Atticus is coming from. For example, I have a pair of griffins which were given me by an old priest who was a highly decorated WW2 chaplain. He gave me several others too, as he came to his last days… he’d just take them off and hand them to me. I’ll never forget him. I have a pair, gift for my ordination (aniv. today!) that were from… let’s just say they happened to be exactly like some that Card. Ratzinger used to wear. I have a pair of silver denarii from my mother and some lovely grape bunches from a friend I used to travel with often. I don’t collect or go out of my way to get them, but those I have are dear.

    Here is the super fancy pair I brought on this trip.

    Of course I neglected to bring a shirt that needs them. Instead, I brought a couple shirts that I altered from dress shirts, removing the collar and sewing a button hole in one of the layers of the collar band while creating a pocket for it. For what the thieves charge for clerical shirts, you can make three with basic sewing skills.

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