Laus Deo! Great news from Gower Abbey in Missouri

By now you will have heard the news about Sr. Wilhelmina of the Gower Abbey Benedictines in Missouri.

Sr. Wilhelmina died in 2019 at 95 years.  She had been the foundress of these wonderful traditional Benedictine nuns about whom I often write, whose music I’ve used in my podcasts during Advent and Lent.

Recently Sr. Wilhelmina’s coffin was exhumed and her body was found to be in a remarkable state of preservation despite the fact that the coffin was in poor shape.

It is possible that her fama sanctitatis will grow and an “Actor” will begin the process for beatification.

However, in a slightly sardonic mood I observe that the idea of an incorrupt, foundress of a traditional abbey of nuns who is both black and a “backwardist” could possibly cause strokes in a certain Vatican office.

Seriously, this is a wonderful discovery and, I hope, an opportunity for many graces for the wonderful nuns of Gower Abbey even as they found daughter houses.

Laus Deo!

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  1. Paperman says:

    I met her several times. A truly humble soul.

  2. ThePapalCount says:

    In the current environment I fear poor Mother Foundress doesn’t have much of a chance towards beatification much less sainthood.
    But this is an amazing piece of good news. May Mother pray for us here on earth as we struggle through the swamp.

  3. Chrisc says:

    Thepapalcount, you don’t think Rome wants to support a traditionalist nun who had to found a new community of monastics after her previous community abandoned their habits?hmm.

  4. maternalView says:

    If a cult grows around Sr. Wilhelmina because of answered prayers it will be much like in those old backward times when the Church caught up years/centuries later.

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