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Seriously humorous SSPX statement on “Traditionis custodes” and a terrific imaginary curve ball

The SSPX office in Menzingen put out a statement, still only in French, about Traditionis custodes. HERE  Here’s a taste… From Summorum Pontificum to Traditionis custodes, or from the Nature Preserve to the Zoo […] A organized extinction While Francis … Read More

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Analogies usually limp, but they are still helpful

I saw today sometime, I don’t recall where exactly for it has been busy day, that Joseph Ratzinger referred to the Church’s care of her sacred liturgical worship as like to tending a garden. I like the analogy.  We prepare … Read More

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This story has it all. Grand backdrops! Carabinieri … in clerics? JESUITS!

When the movie is made, it must star Peter Sellers as the Capo of the Guardia di Finanza‘s Bunko Squad on load from the Paris Sûreté, at one point impersonating an Argentinian in white. From Crux: Undercover as priests, Italian … Read More

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Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On!

Yesterday, Italy beat England in soccer (football) to win the European Championship. When Italy won, the cheer in Rome was apparently so great that it showed up on seismographs that measure earthquakes. Which reminded me of one of the most … Read More

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VIDEO: Test your LIZARD’s DNA!

Lighter fare for this Friday. This appeals to my reptilian brain stem!

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Happy Birthday @Card_R_Sarah

Je remercie chacun pour les nombreux messages que je reçois aujourd’hui à l’occasion de mon soixante-seizième anniversaire. Priez beaucoup pour moi. Que Dieu nous garde. +RS — Cardinal R. Sarah (@Card_R_Sarah) June 15, 2021

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From the blog’s Official Parodohymnodist… To the tune of Jingle Bell Rock! Bishops meet, some are sweet, synods are held, Some are included, some are repelled, Synodal synods, how synods are run, Now the synodal way’s begun. Synods on synods … Read More

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Ummm…. a little glitch in the new Apostolic Constitution “Pascite gregem Dei”

At the end of the Apostolic Constitution which promulgates a new Book VI of the 1983 CIC we find in the version released via the Bolletino… Ooops. It’s FRANCISCUS. At the top of the document, his name is spelled correctly. … Read More

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ASK FATHER: How to make a “Trinitini” Martini for Trinity Sunday and avoid committing heresy?

QUAESITUM EST: We are planning to have a special drink for the potluck to commemorate today’s Feast of the Trinity. We were planning to do a “Trinitini”, a Martini with three olives to represent the three Persons in the One … Read More

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The Lord’s Ascension, Beans, and You

I so very much wanted to be in Rome this month.  My anniversary is coming up.  The strawberries and artichokes are around, along with broad beans. We have lovely customs in our wonderful Roman Catholic Church, including special blessings on … Read More

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There’s a first time for everything.

The other day I repeated my Novus Ordo and Vetus Ordo food analogy.  I’ve often compared the shift from attendance at the Novus Ordo to participation in the Traditional Latin Mass as a kind of growing up and out of … Read More

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“Missa pica”

From a reader… animi caussa! Dear Fr Z, Last Monday week (April 26) was the day after Anzac Day, a day whereon all Australians and New Zealanders who died in war are remembered. We sang a daily requiem mass for the … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Face mask vesting prayer in Latin?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Dear Father, do you know a good vesting prayer in Latin, or could you compose one, for putting on a facemask? The questioner seeks to tickle the funny bone, of course. As you know there are … Read More

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Happy Talk Like Shakespeare Day 2021!

In the past, National “Talk Like Shakespeare Day” has like a prefatory defalcator stealthily crept in upon my dawning awareness.  Not so this year. During this last year, under the inspiration of Sir Patrick Stewart and at the admonition of … Read More

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Challenge coin news and questions

I was lately the delighted recipient of a couple of challenge coins commemorating Fr. Emil Kapaun, chaplain, recipient of the Medal of Honor. His remains were recently identified. HERE I thought some of you would like to see these. HOWEVER… … Read More

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3 April – “There was an old Bishop of Chichester…”

Today is the Feast of St. Richard of Chichester (+1262), who defended the rights of the Church against the state. I am reminded of a limerick which my old, late pastor, Msgr. Richard Schuler used to cite: There was an … Read More

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Fr. Z’s Kitchen: Lenten Lentils

My post about Benedictines making wine (France) and beer (Italy) reminded me that I once posted a great Lenten recipe for lentils.  I recall that there was some controversy about the use of chicken stock. I made the lentils last … Read More

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JUST TOO COOL: 700 year old papal vineyard in France revived by Benedictine Monks

I occasionally post about the wonderful, traditional Benedictine monks and nuns of Le Barroux in Provence.  Their monasteries are little slices of paradise.   You can hear live online or on demand the men chanting the liturgical hours HERE. I saw … Read More

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Plus ça change

Some progressivists think that mankind has progressed to the point where we can reinterpret the Scriptures for our time in a way that contradicts their meaning, that we are mature now and we don’t have to kneel before God, that … Read More

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An emeritus here, an emeritus there. Pretty soon you’re talking about a lot of popes.

From Newsmax: Francis gave an book length interview to an Argentinian journalist. He said, apparently, “I will be pope, either active or emeritus, and in Rome. I will not return to Argentina.” Francis is a high-risk candidate for COVID. Note … Read More

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