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Such was SNAP

While we abominate the abuse of children by anyone, and even more strongly abhor by clergy, I also scorn those who used the horrid scandal to tear at the fabric of the Church. Such was the group SNAP. I read … Read More

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How Pope Francis handles abuse cases and the CDF

At the American Conservative see Rod Dreher’s piece “Pope Francis & Child Abusers”. Dreher references Doughery’s “blockbuster” column at This Week. The Catholic Church has long been plagued by sickening scandals involving priests abusing children. And there is reportedly another scandal … Read More

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No media coverage of the fact that SNAP is protesting at LCWR’s assembly

There is a CNS story about the opening of the LCWR meeting. There is no mention in the story about the fact that SNAP is protesting that the LCWR has been entirely unucooperative preventing abuse of children by women religious … Read More

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