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Putting Ring-gate To Rest

Tonight I saw that the FNC crew of The Five showed the video and, at first, thought it was a joke. My posts HERE and HERE. There is a piece at LifeSite which seeks to put to an end the … Read More

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Catholics and the kissing of rings… or not. Wherein Fr. Z rants. – UPDATES

UPDATE 27 March: Look at this spectacularly cheap shot from Christopher Lamb who writes for RU-486 (aka ultra-lefty The Bitter Pill, aka The Tablet) There are also plenty of ways to respect the office of the papacy without kissing the … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Kissing the priest’s hand

From a reader: I was coerced into attending a church function tonight with a number of the other Latin Mass members and the priest (a member of the FSSP). When the priest arrived and the greetings started, I noticed everyone … Read More

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