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More on Desisdeede – Desiderio desideravi. This time through a particularly vicious lens that might be at the core of the document.

Today at Le Crock… sorry… Le Croix… there is a piece by one Gregory Solari.  Who?  I asked the same question.  I found this link.  Involvement with McGill in Montreal.  French, I think, maybe Swiss. Interested in Newman.  Seems to … Read More

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Look at even more of “Desiderio desideravi”

Continuing our look at Desiderio desideravi (aka Desideedee).   The letter, as I wrote before, is a mixed bag.   It seems divisible according to the voice and topic.  That probably reflects authorship by different people or groups. Continued from HERE. The … Read More

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Francis’ NEW “Desiderio desideravi” an Apostolic Letter “on the liturgical formation of the people of God” – an attempt to explain Traditionis custodes, to calm the storm

BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE… I urge those of you who are on the “trad” side of things (whether “mad, sad or glad”) not to run around with your hair on fire over this Letter which will  – unsurprisingly – contain some … Read More

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