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Egge Satterday

Each year for a while, the inimitable Fr. Hunwicke has been explaining the details about Saturday before Ash Wednesday as Egge Saturday, the Festum Ovorum at Oxford.  The discussion of musk and grapes, etc., is … engaging.  Yolks not for yokels. … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Hunwicke explained and explains today’s “Festum Ovorum”

A few years back the inimitable Fr Hunwicke offered us a brilliant post which about the Saturday before Ash Wednesday, nicknamed the “Festa ovorum”. THERE He is back for an updated crack it this year.  HERE Here’s his offering from 2015. … Read More

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Where Fr. Hunwicke explains “Festum Ovorum”

The intimitable Fr Hunwicke at his place has a brilliant post which I’ll reproduce here with the urgent admonition that you visit his place, over THERE: FESTUM OVORUM Well, that’s how they describe the Saturday before Quinquagesima year by year … Read More

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