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Egge Satterday

Each year for a while, the inimitable Fr. Hunwicke has been explaining the details about Saturday before Ash Wednesday as Egge Saturday, the Festum Ovorum at Oxford.  The discussion of musk and grapes, etc., is … engaging.  Yolks not for yokels. … Read More

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Sunday Breakfast

I like to have a big breakfast once in a while, usually Saturday. Here is one with a few nice features. First, I have Mystic Monk Coffee in a “Save The Liturgy Save The World” mug. I used a “French … Read More

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Egg indulgence

Yesterday I posted about poaching an egg.   That is to say cooking an egg in water, not stealing an egg. Some of the commentators chimed in with methods of preparing eggs in water which involve keeping the egg within … Read More

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