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As an Unreconstructed Ossified Manualist, this is the best thing I’ve seen in “Tutti”

As an Unreconstructed Ossified Manualist I have to say this is, so far, the best part I’ve seen in Tutti Frutti… Frutti Fratelli… Fratelli Tutti…. tfw the Supreme Pontiff gloriously reigning is a manualist ?? pic.twitter.com/X4j9XNq1NG — Alaphridus Cardinalis Ottaviani (@AlaphridusO) October … Read More

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A curious feature of #FratelliTutti – self-referential

Today I saw a fascinating tweet from my friend Bree Dail.   She reposted “metadata” someone posted about citations in Francis’ new  Tutti Frutti… Frutti Fratelli… Fratelli Tutti….  Follow for the original by Catholic librarian Sharon Kabel. Citations in papal documents are of … Read More

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An introduction to #FratelliTutti by @DrSamuelGregg

To all the people who are asking me to comment on Tutti Frutti… Frutti Fratelli… Fratelli Tutti… I suggest my friend Sam Gregg’s solid introduction to the document at Catholic World Report. A few of his comments follow.  And, while … Read More

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St. Augustine of Hippo in “Tutti” – #fratellitutti

I was asked in email what I thought of the use of St. Augustine’s Letter 229 in the section on war in the new encyclical, risibly entitled in Italian Fratelli tutti. The encyclical says that wars are bad.   I think we … Read More

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“Fratelli tutti”, anyone?

I am firmly convinced of something I picked up years ago from a radio talk show chap from in native place. Joe Soucheray – whose shtick was the viscerally common-sensical “Garage Logic” – used to offer that every newspaper ought … Read More

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