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“Here comes everybody!”

I get lots of hate mail and I share very little of it. Why waste our time? After glancing at 99.999% of the missives in this category I think, “There’s 8 seconds of my life I will never have back.” … Read More

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Mystic Monk Coffee Break: reader feedback edition

I have a pretty active email inbox.  Far too active in some respects.  Here is a piece of “fan mail” that actually made me laugh. NB: We haven’t talked about the goofy Matthew Fox for a long time here.  The … Read More

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Matthew Fox is still alive, and is still an idiot.

Yet another reason why Pope Benedict was right to issue Anglicanorum coetibus. A priest friend, Fr. GR, alerted me to this, on Virtue Online, a site for "orthodox Anglicanism": Defrocked Catholic Priest Leads Earth Worship Seminar Former Dominican Turned Episcopalian … Read More

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