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Occupiers trash, urinate on Cross, and steal from NYC church.

How d’ya like those Occupiers?  Huh? Huh? I read a story the other day that the rat population is exploding in the Occupiers zone in Washington DC. Now I read in the New York Post that they trashed churches where … Read More

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Some idiot protestors try to occupy St. Peter’s Square

A few whackjobs of the International Indignados movement tried to “occupy” St. Peter’s Square. Protesters unhappy about the Vatican’s wealth clashed with police in St. Peter’s Square, with one of the demonstrators scaling the towering Christmas tree. A few dozen … Read More

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North Korea in Transition: This is a job for….

… the OCCUPIERS! Yes, now that Dear Leader has transitioned to a new, and somewhat cooler style of leadership, I think there is a huge opportunity to make an impact on World Peace. The Occupiers have been honing and honing … Read More

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