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Vigil and the Tears of St Lawrence

The other day I posted a rather introspective post about my attitude these days, quoting Stevie Ray Vaughn’s version of The Sky Is Crying Well, the sky really is crying right now, and not with rain but with burning comet … Read More

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Annual meteor shower – Perseids – the Tears of St Lawrence

Today is the Feast of St Lawrence of Rome, Deacon and Martyr.  He was a serious hard-core saint in hard times. This is also the time of year that your planet whirls through the debris left by the comet known … Read More

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They’re here! The Tears of St. Lawrence

UPDATE 12 August: Very cool.  The view of the meteor shower from above, on the ISS! UPDATE 11 August: From SpaceWeather: PERSEID METEOR OUTBURST–TONIGHT! Earth is approaching a thicket of debris from comet Swift-Tuttle, source of the annual Perseid meteor shower. When … Read More

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“The Tears of St. Lawrence” – annual Perseid Metor Shower

The famous Perseid Meteor Shower falls are the time of the Feast of St. Lawrence.  Thus, they are called the “Tears of St. Lawrence”. From SpaceWeather: PERSEID METEOR SHOWER–THIS WEEK: Earth is entering a stream of debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle, … Read More

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