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A small dose of dystopian situational awareness

Dip the tip of your finger into a small dose of dystopian situational awareness. Looking Backward at Stay Safe. I don’t even want to post a teasing excerpt.  Just read it.  717 words.  About 2 and a half minutes.

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Worried about Coronavirus? Feed your anxiety, and commonsense. – UPDATED

UPDATE 31 Jan 2020: We’ve learned that, in Chicago, there is a case of human to human transmission of the virus.  W.H.O. declared an emergency. Today I read. Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte says the first two coronavirus cases have … Read More

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Rereading “Lord Of The World” by Robert Hugh Benson – Brrrrr!

I am once again – after many years – into the dystopian and prophetic Lord Of The World by Robert Hugh Benson. A taste: “Briefly,” [Mr. Templeton] said, “there are three forces–Catholicism, Humanitarianism, and the Eastern religions. About the third I cannot prophesy, … Read More

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“People are fighting in the streets for what is left.”

Many times I have badgered and pushed you readers to do some basic “prep” in the case of natural or manmade disasters.  Were there to be some catastrophic event where you are, could you get yourself and loved ones to … Read More

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“The Tears of St. Lawrence” – annual Perseid Metor Shower

The famous Perseid Meteor Shower falls are the time of the Feast of St. Lawrence.  Thus, they are called the “Tears of St. Lawrence”. From SpaceWeather: PERSEID METEOR SHOWER–THIS WEEK: Earth is entering a stream of debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle, … Read More

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REVIEW: The Giver

I went to see The Giver today, since it had been touted as a solidly pro-life movie. It was that! I won’t reveal any spoilers, although many of you have probably read the book. As I watched, I suspected I was … Read More

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