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@FatherZ responds to @PhilipPullella of Reuters about the Holy Spirit and the elections of Popes

I had retweeted my friend Fr. Blake’s tweet. I don’t see this continuous criticism from our beloved Holy Father as Christlike, I find it painful and destrucitve of faith and unity, and contrary to the action of the Holy Spirit’s … Read More

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Reuters and @PhilipPullella create fake news, pit Francis against Trump

This is one of the worst examples I’ve seen of selective reporting, in order to change the narrative (aka “fake news”), since the head of Vatican communications chopped up Benedict XVI’s letter about the series of booklets he received. Long-time … Read More

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“Francis”can learning curve

I have mentioned at various times since last March that Francis needs to learn how to be Pope and that we need learn how to let him be Pope. I saw this in a Reuter’s piece (about the Empty Chair) by my … Read More

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