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ASK FATHER: Is Mass valid if it is offered in a desecrated place? Wherein @fatherz rants.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: After a black mass or an occult rite occurs that consecrates the sanctuary of a Catholic Church to Lucifer (heaven forbid), but before that sacred space has been reconsecrated and restored for Catholic use, what would … Read More

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A sense of the sacred: How to recapture it.

Over at the National Catholic Register Pat Archbold has a good piece for your consideration.  You might point it out to your parish priests. I’ll give you the intro and then the headlines. You can read the rest there. 7 … Read More

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Unless you recover the words, you can’t recover the concepts.

When you change the words, you change the concepts. The liberal progressivist liturgical terrorist reformers were successful in changing our way of speaking about our sacred liturgical worship. For example, they made us – and no one asked them to … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Selling a rosary and other sacred things

Several readers have sent similar questions about the selling of sacred things.  I will simply answer rather than post excerpts of the questions. Let’s start with the most sacred of all, the Eucharist.  Selling the Eucharist would be a terrible … Read More

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